WordPress Plugin – DualFeeds v1.11 Released

| Created: December 28th, 2007
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I’ve just released version 1.11 of the DualFeeds plugin for WordPress.

What is DualFeeds?

For those of you who don’t know what DualFeeds is, its a WordPress plugin that allows you to offer BOTH Full Post AND Summary feeds, so your readers can choose the format which suits them best.

What Are The Changes?

This update only contains a few minor changes, as follows:

  1. I’ve added the alt attribute to the image tags for better accessibility / validation. This only affects you if you use the sidebar widget or the RSS icons at the end of each post. It does not affect the functionality of the images, just provides better accessibility / validation.
  2. I’ve removed an extra space in the feed autodiscovery link for the Comment feed. This does not affect the functionality of the plugin – it just makes the Comment feed line up better with the other feeds (when the Autodiscovery button is clicked in a web browser).
  3. I’ve made the Subscribe.png image 170px wide instead of 180px, so that it doesn’t break narrow sidebars. This image is only used when the Show Text Instead Of Image parameter is selected. All other sidebar images remain 180px. At some point in the future, I am going to overhaul the presentation element of DualFeeds, but this may help people in the meantime.

Where Do I Get It?

DualFeeds 1.11 can be downloaded from the DualFeeds plugin home page. Further information about the plugin and it’s features, including upgrade instructions, is also available on the plugin home page.

5 responses on “WordPress Plugin – DualFeeds v1.11 Released

  1. Admission Essay

    Ah, I would add this plugin in to my sites, as it’s really useful..

    One thing bloggers forget constantly is the loading time of your page – you don’t want people to wait 1 min for your site to load right?

  2. Techblissonline Dot Com

    hey just found this…but i still don’t understand why a reader who has decided to subscribe would subscribe for a summary feed??!!

  3. Stephen Cronin Post author

    Admission Essay, Thanks. Yes, I’m thinking about how I can speed up my load time at the moment! I do have another plugin IFrameWidgets, which can help with slow javascript widgets.

    Techbliss, there are people who prefer summary feeds, but as I discuss in my Feed Reading Models post, summaries are most useful for aggregated feeds. I suspect that the vast majority of readers of a normal blog would want the full post feed. Still there will always be a few who prefer the summary feed and choice is a good thing.

  4. RT Cunningham@Nursing School

    I temporarily solved the problem with the icons at the bottom, that I mentioned in email, by simply copying your code from the source of the page directly to the theme. I’ll leave it like that for a while to see if it makes any difference in subscriber numbers.

    After I fixed a stupid mistake I made (somehow and I can’t figure out how), my subscriber numbers jumped by nearly a hundred overnight.

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    One thing bloggers forget constantly is the loading time of your page – you don’t want people to wait 1 min for your site to load right?

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