WordPress Plugins

Fix Duplicates

Use the Fix Duplicates plugin to find and delete duplicates posts. The premium Redirection extension allows you to 301 redirect any duplicates being deleted to the one being kept. This helps preserve your link equity. Or to put it simply: Helps with SEO!

Remove Widget Titles

Remove Widget Titles allows you to give a particular widgets a title in the backend (so you can quickly see which widget it is), without the title appearing to visitors on the front end.

Show Parent Comment

Show Parent Comment will allow you to see the parent comment (if one exists) when moderating comments in the WordPress Admin area.


WordPress Plugins – RETIRED

The following plugins have now been retired. They are no longer available and should no longer be used.


Show currency values to readers in their local currency (in brackets after the original value). If a post contains 10 yuan, a user from Australia will see 10 yuan (AUD$1.53), while a US user will see 10 yuan (USD$1.39). Read more…

Eclipse Crossword Integration

The Eclipse Crossword Integration WordPress plugin allows crossword puzzles created by the free Eclipse Crossword software to be published via WordPress.


DualFeeds allows you to offer BOTH Full Post AND Summary feeds, so your readers can choose the format which suits them best. Read more…


IFrameWidgets allows you to place javascript widgets in an IFrame, so that if they load slowly or hang, they won’t stop the rest of the page from loading. Read more…


Allows you to add a copyright statement and a link to the original article, to the TOP of your feed entries, in an effort to hamper content scrapers. Read more…


Make WP-PostViews work with caching plugins.


The KeywordLuv plugin is no longer recommended for use. See the statement on the plugin page at the WordPress site for more information. Read more…

Comment Warning

Detects visitors arriving from URLs that indicate that they are likely to be potential comment spammers and ‘warns’ them of the blog’s comment policy. Read more…