The Adsense Dilemma (Or How To Make Money)

| Created: January 9th, 2008
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Adsense – some love it, some hate it. It doesn’t work for all sites, but there’s no denying that on the right site, it can make a lot of money.

Most beginners don’t understand what type of site it works well on. They slap Adsense on their blog and expect the cash to come rolling in. Of course, it doesn’t. Why? Because Adsense doesn’t work well on their type of site.

In this article, I explain the underlying principle of Adsense and look at the attributes of sites that are successful with Adsense.

Although Adsense is used on many different types of site, to keep it simple, I compare two main types of site:

  1. Blogs: because that’s my target audience and what most beginners use.
  2. Made For Adsense (MFA) niche mini sites: because that’s a common model used by people actually making money from Adsense.

The Underlying Principle Of Adsense

First, we need to understand the underlying principle of Adsense. I’ve seen people skirt around the issue, but I’ve never seen anyone actually come out and say it:

For Adsense to work well, your content should not solve the reader’s problem. If you solve their problem, they won’t need to click the ads.

If you leave the reader needing more information, you increase the chance of them clicking a contextual ad which may solve their needs.

The better your content is, the lower your click through rate (CTR) will be.

So Should I Start Writing Mediocre Content?

No! Not unless it’s for an MFA site. If you start writing mediocre content on a blog, you’ll lose your readers and your blog will start to fail on all fronts.

For a blog, you need great content. This increases readership, encourages other sites to link to you, leading to more traffic, a higher PageRank, etc. Take the great content away and your blog will fail. Blogs can make money from Adsense, but they generally have a low CTR.

For an MFA site, good content is less important. These sites don’t rely on the content to promote the site – they are more likely to use Article Marketing. They typically have mediocre content and, as a result, a high CTR.

Other Factors Affecting Adsense Success

There are many other factors affecting the success of Adsense, including:

1. Target Audience / Ad Awareness

Its well known that experienced Internet users are less likely to click ads than newer / casual Internet users. This appears to be related to visitor awareness of what’s content and what’s an ad. Experienced Internet users can spot ads a mile off and avoid clicking them.

The topic of a site determines the type of visitor it receives. Sites about web development, making money online, etc will attract visitors who are experienced Internet users and mostly Adsense blind. Sites about knitting or pets will attract visitors who are more likely to click ads.

Blogs: Depends on the niche. A Make Money Online blog will have a low CTR, but a knitting blog will do better.
MFA Sites: Once again, depends on the niche, but the niche is carefully selected to attract less technical visitors.

2. Where Do Your Visitors Come From?

Does your site cater for regular visitors or search engine visitors? What about social traffic, such as that from StumbleUpon?

Regular visitors don’t normally click ads. They come to read your content and go away happy, their goal fulfilled.

Search engine visitors do click ads. They arrive at your site seeking to address a specific need. If your content doesn’t solve the need, they’ll keep looking. If they see a related Adsense ad, they are likely to click it.

Social traffic visitors don’t normally click ads. What’s more, a surge of social traffic results in high traffic with few clicks, drastically lowering your CTR, which can result in you being Smart Priced by Google (more on this later).

Blogs: Receive search traffic, but focus is on regular visitors, then social traffic, so lower CTR.
MFA Sites: Only target search engine visitors, meaning higher CTR.

3. Niche / Value Of Clicks

Having a high CTR is great – but what if most clicks only earn you 6 cents? To make serious money from Adsense you need to target high paying niches.

Blogs: Depends on the niche. A Make Money Online blog is unlikely to get high paying clicks, but some niches will do well.
MFA Sites: The niche is normally carefully selected to result in high paying clicks.

4. Traffic

Even if you have a low CTR, decent money can still be made with high traffic. After all, 1% of 1000 is the same as 25% of 40 (it is: trust me, I checked).

However, you probably need upwards of 10,000 unique visitors a day to make serious money. At that point, you’ll be earning more from other sources, but Adsense can supplement that nicely.

Blogs: Typically have higher traffic than MFA sites, but not many reach the traffic levels needed to really do well with Adsense.
MFA Sites: Typically not high traffic, but this is offset by a high CTR.

5. Adsense Smart Pricing

Not many people have heard about Adsense Smart Pricing and there’s little information about it. It appears that if you have a low CTR (under 1 or 2%), you may be penalised, so you only get about 10% of what clicks are worth.

Blogs: Many are probably already smart priced, or in danger of being so.
MFA Sites: Normally have a high CTR, so no danger of smart pricing.

Note: If you have a WordPress blog, it may be worth using the Who Sees Ads plugin so that only search engine traffic see Adsense ads. I haven’t done this on this blog yet as I’m looking into another option at the moment.

Putting It All Together

To gauge how successful a site is likely to be with Adsense, all these factors need to be taken into account. If a site is weak in one area, it can still be successful if its strong in the other areas. That said, lets take a look at the ideal site for Adsense and the ‘Anti-Adsense’ site where it won’t work well.

The Ideal Site For Adsense should have mediocre content, be targeted at search engine traffic and be in a niche which attracts inexperienced web users and high clicks. With all that in place, the higher the traffic the better!

Adsense Won’t Work Well on sites with good content, regular readers and social traffic, especially in niches which attract experienced web users or which have low paying clicks.

Okay, if you haven’t figured it out yet:

MFA sites are very close to the ideal site for Adsense.  The only struggle they have is with achieving high traffic, but the traffic they do receive is targeted traffic, resulting in a high CTR, so they make money.

Blogs are much closer to the anti-Adsense site. For a blog to be successful, they have to embrace many of the things that don’t work well with Adsense. For Adsense to work on a blog, you’ll need traffic and LOTS of it – although some niches may be moderately successful with only medium traffic. If you’re in the making money online, blogging or a technical niche, best of luck!

The Adsense Dilemma

If you really want to make money with Adsense, then you have to face up to the fact that you’re unlikely to do so with your blog. You then have a choice:

1. Persist with your blog. Try to build it into a top-of-niche, high-quality blog, with lots of traffic. This will take a long time and you won’t see much money until you’ve ‘made it’.


2. Forget your blog, at least for making money purposes. Instead look into creating MFA sites.

As Grizzly points out (in the post I linked to), it can be a little seedy. It’s up to you how far you want to go. You can always stick to trying to conquer keywords related to finance or some other non-seedy topic. Some of you may still have trouble with it, because the point is to not provide people with the solutions they need, which is counter intuitive for most bloggers. I’m not saying what you should do, just pointing out the options.

That’s the Adsense dilemma. What will you do?

The Final Word

A lot of this has been repeated in various places around the Internet. I’ve tried to pull it all together. The one thing I haven’t seen written elsewhere, is the theory:

Your content shouldn’t solve people’s problems if you want them to click Adsense ads.

That’s not to say someone, somewhere, hasn’t written about it before. Edit: I just noticed that Vic from Blogger Unleashed mentioned this two days ago in his Adsense Basics post. Vic is a true Adsense expert, so I guess that shows I’m on the right track!

If you disagree with me, tell me why! If you agree – what will you do?


Something I’ve been thinking about recently is Adsense optimized WordPress Themes. If you’re starting multiple blogs and your goal is make money by running Adsense on them, then getting some themes already set up for Adsense may be the way to go…

69 responses on “The Adsense Dilemma (Or How To Make Money)

  1. The Internet Entrepreneur Diary

    ah ha ….

    This is the best post about AdSense and answer the question to those web site that solve people’s problem.

    Very well done!

    Your content shouldn’t solve people’s problems if you want them to click Adsense ads.

    That’s it!

  2. Operating Agreement

    I have never made enough with Adsense to brag about to anyone, but it is enough to pay the operating cost of the site. Considering how low hassle it is, this makes it all worthwhile in my opinion.

  3. Josh Spaulding

    Excellent article Stephen and thanks for the plugs. The CTR really is niche specific and site specific. There are many factors that go into it. Very well thought out article.

  4. Vic

    Pete monetization is the hardest thing we do as so many factors have to taken into consideration. Their is no quick answer to that it is very tied to what niche you are working. I have produced 15k in a month with one site with Adsense and at the same time had another niche with Adsense make me 9 dollar that same month change the monetization on that 9 dollar site and end up making the following month 500 from the same site. Pete new folks that come to this business think traffic is the hardest part the fact is traffic is easy and predictable monetization is a bitch.

    Stephen thank you for the mention.

    To Your Success


    1. paul

      hi Vic,

      I am really surprised how you did this, buy a domain in the morning then get 20k visitors before the day closed. sorry was that 20k visitors or get $20k ..

      this is really great 20k visitors in 1 day, but i never get 1k visitors from my 5 years old website. Are willing to give even a little hint what are the best niche or trend that makes that kind of traffic Vic?

  5. Pete White

    Vic, I’ve had some good results with Text Link Ads – have you tried that at all – if so how do you find it compares to Adsense? Many thanks

  6. Stephen Cronin Post author

    I really need to get Threaded Comments happening some time soon…

    First, I should point out that in the article above, I talk about blogs versus MFA site – in reality there a lot of sites which fall somewhere between the two (many MFA sites are technically blogs). I was really discussing blogs where the main goal is great content vs income driven sites.

    Terence, thanks. This theory was born out of the process of creating that new blog I’ve mentioned to you. I’ve owned a decent domain name for several years and I was trying to work out what to do with it. My first thought was to create an MFA site, then I decided I wanted to turn it into a blog. During this process, I realised that turning into a blog with good content would kill the chances of Adsense working well. In the end I’ve gone with the blog because I think I can monetize it in other ways, but I’ll come back to Adsense with other projects.

    Operating Agreement, if you decide to work Adsense, you’ll get better returns, but if you are just trying to cover your costs, then it can be a good low maintainence option.

    Timmo, yes it depends on the blog. If it’s working, don’t take it off! On this blog, my CTR is well under 1% because I get a lot of stumbles and my readers are mostly Adsense blind, etc. I’m going to stick with Adsense on this blog, but I’m only going to show Adsense ads to search traffic (more on this in a post in the next couple of days). If that doesn’t bring the CTR up, I’ll take it off completely and just use Adsense for other projects.

    Josh, thanks – that means a lot coming from you!

    Vic, there will be many more mentions in future – I only discovered your site recently and I’m learning a LOT there. It should be me thanking you!

  7. Bingo Online

    sometimes I just feel that adsense makes little money – so small that it’s really impossible to make a great living out of it..

    you are definitely right when doing niche targetting it definitely helps..

    nice article, cheers 🙂

  8. Stephen Cronin Post author

    Pete, I didn’t forget you, I just had a lot to write…

    Vic’s right (as he normally is). Every blog is is different and it’s hard to predict what will work. I notice you’ve written about some of the options on your site.

    On the surface TLA, TNX and PayPerPost all seem great for small to medium size blogs, such as ours. You can make easy money with these and it’s often more than you can make with other methods (including Adsense) – but there are two problems with this:

    1) Google considers each of these to be a form of selling links and there is a big danger of a Google penalty. You have to weigh up how much Google search traffic is worth to you. For me it’s important – I’ve done two sponsored posts myself, but I’m holding off new ones.

    2) From what I can see, there’s a limit to how far you can go with these. It seems once you’ve made it big, you’re more likely to make serious money through other methods (including Adsense, in the right sort of niche).

    Some other options:

    Direct Advertising – I don’t do this yet, but I’m considering it. Once again, you have to decide whether you’ll sell nofollow links at a lower price or risk a Google penalty for a higher price.

    For product related blogs, product reviews with Affiliate links can work. I notice you have some Apple posts – do you use Affiliate links for these? This works best with search traffic, although authority works to an extent (if you can build a following of people who trust you).

    In the Internet Marketing niche, Affiliate Marketing is very big – but it seems a bit incestuous. The buyers are mostly Affiliate Marketers who want to resell the product for the commission, or they are AM newbies who are trying to learn how to do it. If you’re at the top of the tree you’ll make good money, but if you’re at the bottom…

    But I’m certainly no expert on this. I’d suggest you check out the following sites:

    Court’s Internet Marketing | Strategy & Services
    Garry Conn at Garry Conn dot Com
    Josh Spaulding’s Make Money Blog
    Vic’s Blogger Unleashed

    These guys really know their stuff.

  9. Pete White

    Stephen, thanks for your reply. It’s always good to hear what others have to say. I think you right when it comes to reaching a limit -I don’t think I’ve reached it yet for my blog. I would not recommend doing sponsored posts especially if you rely on other sources that use page rank.

    I’ve also found that visitors from stumble and especially digg are more oblivious to adverts. I was dugg last summer and whilst my hits went through the roof my click through ratio did not increase at the same rate. I think in the long run though its been beneficial, a lot of the visitors saved the page on sites like and have returned since. They have also clicked adverts making the CTR for that page higher.

  10. RobG

    Once more just when I think I got a grasp on something…people like you have to come along and foul that up. Everything is so much more complicated or have some hidden detail. So far my blog has done OK with Adsense (little over 1%) and I generate enough traffic now that I may get a check soon. I just wish it when a little bit quicker. I don’t always think that bloggers know how much time it can take.

  11. Best Laptopz Dude

    Wow, what a good guide. I never read this article earlier. You are right, mate. Many people are teaching us about traffic from social networking sites but actually traffic from those sites are not good for monetization (except you have very good amount of traffic). Search Engine traffic is still the best until now.

  12. Stephen Cronin Post author

    Pete, Interesting point about Not only will the visitors return, but others will find your site through as well. Although I don’t do it often, I have used to search for pages on a topic. I imagine others do this as well. Such visitors will be more likely to click ads as they are searching for answers just as search engine traffic is. The only difference is users are more likely to be experienced web users.

    RobG, If it’s working for you, no need to change. That said, if you find it slow, setting up one ot more MFA sites may be the way to go.

    LondonBlogger, I’ve signed up with WidgetBucks, but haven’t actually used it yet. I’ll try it out, but not on this blog, as the products shown are unlikely to match my subject topics (from my understanding, which may be flawed).

  13. Jugar casino

    Amazing post, really userfull, but about the point of the content this is not always as you describe, if you are talking about a product ex: new digital camera features,etc, you need to be clear and says everything about that product, if not, the reader will think that need more information before click over the Ad (usually a buy now “text link”).

  14. Alif Rachmawadi

    Great post!. But as I am newbie on online ads, this can be one of my references, but I still looking forward to decide the best action that should I take regarding this issue. I will try to learn deeper so I can take the best. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  15. Stephen Cronin Post author

    Jugar casino, it depends on the site and the type of ads. If you want people to click on an Amazon ad to buy a camera, yes, you should give them as much information as possible. Then they are more likely to go by the camera and earn you $.

    But with Adsense, you can’t control which ads are served. They might not be ads to buy that particular camera – there might be an ad for another site which offers information and reviews on cameras. The user won’t click that if you’ve just given them all the information they need. I’m not in the camera niche, so I don’t really know what Adsense will serve up, but in general with Adsense you’ll be better off with less information. Sure the user will need more information before buying anything, but hopefully they’ll do it by clicking on the Adsense ads, making you $

    Aif, Thanks very much. There is indeed so much to learn about this – I recommend you read the 4 blogs I mentioned in a comment above. Good luck!

  16. To Nebies Of business

    The most important thing to remember while earning money online is to Persist with the blog.We should try to build it into a top-of-niche, high-quality blog, with lots of traffic, which of course takes time but also brings $ in return.

  17. hari

    Stephen, good article, but I think it’s a bit simplistic to equate good content = bad CTR as a general principle.

    I agree about targetted content though… It all depends on the quality of the individual links ultimately that determine the success of Adsense.

  18. Stephen Cronin Post author

    Nebies (or should that be Newbies?), sure – to make decent money from a typical blog, you need to do as you say. But there is an alternative out there (MFA sites) for those who don’t have the patience! 🙂 Actually, I know quite a few people who do both simultaneously – slowly build their main blog into an authority blog, while creating MFA sites on the side to make money.

    Hi Hari, Thanks. Yes, it is a bit simplistic and there are always exceptions, but I think in general, there’s a lot of truth in it. I was pretty happy to see that Vic (from Blogger Unleashed) said something similar, as he really knows what he talking about. He says it in no uncertain terms:


    That’s not to say that you can’t get a decent CTR with good content, but the MFA sites that get 20% to 30% CTR are based on this principle.

  19. Stephen Cronin Post author

    Tech News, sure – because then people will need to keep looking and the hope is that they’d do this through the ads. That’s why MFA sites do so well. Of course, it would be suicide for a blog to purposely include low quality content.

  20. Married Secrets

    Yes great article. There is one thing that I just don’t figure ! Making an MFA website is simple enough, but how do you get them to rank. You need to put loads of work into them right ?

  21. Stephen Cronin Post author


    You need to put a fair bit of work into them to get them ranked, then just a little bit every so often to maintain their position.

    It all comes down to the keywords you’re targeting and how much competition there is. If you go after plumbing, you’ll have a really big job to get ranked. If you go after plumbing toilet leak there’ll probably be less competition and it will be easier. (note these are just examples – I haven’t checked them at all).

    The real secret is to find keywords with low competition and enough traffic to be profitable.

    I’m certainly not an expert in this. For more information, check out guys like:

    Grizzly’s How to Make Money Online for Beginners
    Court’s Internet Marketing | Strategy & Services
    Josh Spaulding’s Make Money Blog
    Vic’s Blogger Unleashed

  22. AntiVirus

    usually i would target niche sites. those that have not been touch by others

    usually advertising on these sites are pretty expensive, and that’s where adsense comes in

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      I agree – I’m only getting started in MFA niche sites, but it seems that’s where the money is – glad to have you back that up!

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      tonometers, agreed..

      A lot of bloggers are anti-Google because of PageRank penalties for sponsored posts and text links etc. I used to be in that camp, but I’ve come to realise that Google is where the real money is…

  23. debt advisor

    My big dream is to see an adsense alternative that finally break Google monopoly, which force Google to find a way to make adsense remain appealing for publishers. Tight competition in PPC business is good for both publisher and advertiser.

    What we see now is a bad domination in PPC advertising.

    I have seen too much honest people who get banned from adsense without clear explanation why they were banned. People could easily sabotage your adsense account by click bombing your sites.

    First few click-bombings sessions would be forgiven by Google providing that you quickly notify the adsense support. But long-term click bombing campaign would leave no choice for Google, they would eventually ban you.

    It’s easy to prevent this, Google only need to implement a system to eliminate any rapid clicking from a single IP, this way many honest publishers would be saved. But either google is lazy or just doesn’t give a damn about its publishers.

    They always strive to protect the publisher but give little effort to protect the publisher.

    The bottom line is, adsense should not be your main priority for online income.

    My online marketing plan is to make adsense a ‘tertiary’ venue for earning money. So if one day my adsense account is banned.

    so be it………

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      debt advisor, good points. An alternative would of course be welcome. However, at the moment, Adsense is where most of the big money is. I think it’s definitely worth focusing on – although it’s always a good idea to diversify… If you can earn big money from other sources, that would be great!

  24. Mike

    Great Post Steve.

    I have a couple of article sites that I have been running adsense on for afew months now. One of them is getting pretty decent traffic for next to no clicks. I guess this would have to fall in the category of “not for adsense” kind of site. If I do get a click its below 10c.

    I wonder if this would harm my account overall due to it driving the CTR down against my other sites.I’ll have to find out whether the smart pricing affects your overall account or just individual domains.

    On another site which i didn’t expect much from has a CTR of over 60% on some days but averages well over 20%. Its in the Make Money Online niche.

    The clicks pay fairly well and have had some $1+ clicks.I have played with ad placement on that one site more than the others. The only downside for this site is lack of traffic, which I’m slowly working on 🙂

    Reading your post just made me realize I need to have a closer look at my article sites to try and increase the CTR.

    Keep up the great info.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Mike, Thanks..

      From what I’ve heard – from Courtney, Grizzly and Vic (links to their sites above in the comments) – if one site is smart priced, they’re all smart priced. Bear in mind that no-one but Google really knows how smart pricing works, but these guys know their stuff.

      It sounds like you’re not smart priced, if you’re getting $1 clicks on the second site (sweet if you can increase that traffic!).

      The first site may be putting you at risk. If the $1 clicks on the second site suddenly become 10 cent clicks, remove adsense from the first site and see if that fixes it. As for why the first site is only giving 10 clicks – I guess it may just be a low paying niche…

      There’s no easy way to know exactly what’s happening though, so it’s worth experimenting. Good luck!

  25. Descartes

    I’ve been using Adsense for a while and I have heard the number ten thousand tossed around a lot-as in once you have ten thousand pages or ten thousand hits a day, you will start to make some real money.

    I am just getting started with more than one blog, and have often found it a challenge to keep quality content on my primary blog-but I like the idea that you don’t need the best content on the sites you are using just to make money.

    Thanks for the advise.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      I’ve heard the ten thousand theory too, but am not in a position to test it yet. 🙂 I’m sure it’s true from what I’ve seen so far.

      I think it’s probably worthwhile keeping one or two primary blogs with great content, but supplementing them with other blogs where you don’t worry so much about the content.

  26. Mark@coffee machines

    I have also found that younger users tend to click on ads a lot more. For example the bebo generation are much less “anti adsense” and will click on every ringtone advert they can see. Perhaps this has something to do with their lack of understanding of how adsense works.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Mark,

      Yes, that’s a good point – the age of the visitors also plays a part – although I’ve read studies saying that middle aged women click the most. I think you’re probably onto something with the younger generation though. Good Luck!

  27. Conor O'Driscoll

    Great post. I agree with everything you said, especially the point about attracting less technical users. I had a make money online blog and it was making half the money of other sites of mine even though it had more traffic.

  28. Aaron@HR Software

    I’ve actually had a few sites before that got “smart priced” due to having a lot of foreign visitors. The PPC went from $0.50 to about $0.02 overnight and remained that way for months. I eventually had to sell the sites because google would not remove the “automated” smart pricing on the adsense account (the entire account).

  29. tiffany

    You can fix the problem by just channging accounts or just try another affiliate on the particular site. Anther thing you can do is increase the click through ratio and wait….correct me if I am wrong.

  30. Jordan McClements@Make Money From Photos

    Adsense works really well for me on my wallpaper web site – much better than anything else I have tried.

  31. Chris Cox@opsec

    My only concern with adsense is the appearance to the visitor. Anyone have any opinions or experience with how users respond to adsense ads on an otherwise balanced and non-profit website?

  32. Josh@How to make extra money

    The truth is:
    Blog – Great Content, write for humans
    MFA – Crap content, write for robots

    You hit the nail on the head

  33. Lorph@Codexon

    I think smart pricing is wrong. Google ad sense pays by clicks, not impressions. Just beacuse the amount of people visiting has increased does not mean that the people who click on the ads are less likely to buy whatever the ad is selling.

  34. James@AdSense Land

    Actually smart pricing is based more on conversion for the advertisers, a stat that is hidden to publishers…

    The providing quality content vs “starting place” content is very tricky indeed. But just know that there is a middle ground. A high-quality site that gives solution-information and then a little vaguer information on some parts seems to work very well in the long run

  35. earn money

    Good Writing. Establishment of MFA website is very easy , but how to get them to High rank? You need to put loads of work into them right ?

  36. Steve Lott@Ergonomic chairs

    First I want to say that this is an excellent post, tons of great info. The question I have is what does Google think of MFA sites and are they slowly but gradually aiming to remove them all from their index? I’m talking specifically about MFA sites will mediocre content. I know that there are a large amount of these sites currently ranking very well but I’m not sure what the longevity of this is.

  37. Cardiff Gigs

    This is the most interesting post I have ever read. There is some truth in it but it never crossed my mind. All search engines traffic are interested in information and when they find less info they click away.
    Very good analysis here. Well done.

    LINK REMOVED: because of failure to use KeywordLuv syntax (name@keywords)

  38. Sam Nichols

    making money with Adsense and small niche sites is very hard. You need to build backlinks to get decent traffic and usually is hard to beat the big guys ranking on Google.

  39. Dave@DIY

    Adsense is so ugly. There must be a way where google can make it smarter. Some people over do it as well. They put it on the left and right and below. It makes their blog look desperate and a mess.

    You then start to think if they are writing the blog just for the money. Which most people are of course – but you still don’t want to think they are.

  40. Elvis@cardiff airport parking

    Some great advice in this comprehensive post. I found this while researching why my adsense revenue and CTR has suddenly fallen dramatically. Lots of sites are suffering due to falling adsense revenues during the latter part of 2008. Lets hope 2009 is better.

  41. jeff@Hsbc online banking.

    Nice tips on how to make money with adsense. Most people never make much with adsense only a few percent do. I would use it only on pages with out something your selling or do not have something to promote on. It takes sales away from any product so make sure to see if you earn more from the ads or sales of product on your site.

  42. Brian@office chairs

    Stephen – That’s some great info. I also think it’s great that professional bloggers like Vic and Josh come in and post on this topic. Personally, I’ve never had any great success with Adwords in terms of revenue. In hindsight, I was probably violating one of the core rules discussed here: providing too much content or solving a problem. Maybe, I’ll rethink that strategy and give it another go.

  43. Zath@Hi Tech Gadgets

    This is one of the best posts for putting simply the use of Adsense on a website – you only get paid if people click through the links so don’t solve their problem in its entirety.

    I suppose for me, the issue would be actually getting enough traffic to make it worthwhile on a MFA site – linkbuilding is always tricky i find.

  44. Pete@ HDTV Tech Guide

    HI I have not tried adsense yet. Actually my blog is very new. I do not know if I will use adsense or not just because they seem to ban a lot of people at lest this is what I have read. I was cheking out a network called adbrite but I do not know if it is a good network or not. Any suggestions?

  45. Mike@CSS Perk

    Great read! I’ve had adsense on my blog for a year and made about 1.37. yeah, pretty lame. I never really knew ANYTHING about adsense until I started researching it a couple days ago. This is one of the most enlightening articles I’ve read. It totally makes sense that if you solve your visitor’s problem, they aren’t going to click the ads. Maybe I should have a MFA site as well.

  46. Surveys4Checks

    Great Post, I agree with Dave, you could have put this in an ebook and sold it. Thank you! I am in the process of putting up my first adsense site!

  47. Imtiaz Hami

    I think this is perhaps one of the better blogs on Adsense tips and tricks. Very well written and explained.

    In simple words : Dont fulfill the user needs, and place the ad at the right place. And then observe your earnings.

    I also would like to add here that a more targeted word like “pet care shops in oxford” will earn you more money than a keyword like pet care ( too generic )

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    Great Post. I have a couple of adsense sites on which I keep on experimenting with the ads placement & fonts, i’m new to this. Your tips have been very useful to me. Thanks

  49. Xscad

    Its a catch-22 situation. You want great content to appear on your blog, but you also dont want your reader to get so engrossed in the content that he does not click on the adsense. I think its those who walk this sword’s edge with elan that win the day.

  50. Galaxer

    //Social traffic visitors don’t normally click ads

    Why you say like this? People that are coming from soc. engines usually nonexperienced and in many cases they don’t read at full your article, also they actually can link your post at some place, so this gives add. traffic + PR and se trust for you site.

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    I am new to the whole idea of making money online and have spent the past few months reading and learning. I think you are exactly right that you do not want to solve poeple’s problems if you wan them clicking through. Great site. I have bookmarked!

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    Just to have an adsense on your site will not generate you income. Surely, I’ve been there. The most important is to have traffic to your site. Talking a bout traffic, how to get traffic and much more important is how to have huge constant traffic? From my experienced, without traffic nobody will click your ads. The important is to have value in your article…… than you will get your consistent traffic becoz your start starting to have value, value, value….. thanks for the post

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