Why Advertise On More Than Scratch The Surface?

Most of the visitors to this site are looking for information related to: WordPress, Blogging, Making Money Online or Web Design and Web Development. If your site is related to these topics, advertising here will help build brand awareness for your site and send you traffic.

It is significant that approximately half of our visitors arrive from search engines, as it has been shown that such traffic are more likely to click ads than regular or social media visitors.


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Current Availability: Two positions
Price: $25 per month or $60 for 3 months
Special introductory offer: $12.50 for one month

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Current Availability: Three positions
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Site Statistics (August 2008)

Google Analytics for August 2008PageRank: 4*
Alexa Rank: 84,843
RSS Subscribers: 205
Page Views: 7,506**
Unique Visitors: 4,584

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How To Advertise

If you’re interested, please contact me to confirm availability and I’ll let you know how to pay via Paypal and how to send me the image and link.

Reservations will be kept for 48 hours, allowing time for payment to be made. Once payment has been received, your ad will be placed on the site as soon as possible and will remain there for one month from the time it was added.

If you wish to renew your ad, please make payment 7 days prior to end of the previous term, or the spot may be given to new advertisers.


In general, I’ll accept ads that are relevant to the topics of More Than Scratch The Surface, but I reserve the right to refuse any ad. No Flash or JavaScript ads please. Limited animations may be accepted. Please try to limit file size.

If you have any questions, please contact me.