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| Created: February 25th, 2008
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I’ve been pretty quiet for the last couple of weeks, mainly due to offline endeavours. However, I did find time to finish off a new WordPress plugin called LocalCurrency, that allows you to show currency values to your readers in their local currency.

For example: If a post contains 10 yuan, a user from Australia will see 10 yuan (AUD$1.53), while a US user will see 10 yuan (USD$1.39).

How LocalCurrency Works

LocalCurrency determines the reader’s country (via IP address), gets the current exchange rate from Yahoo! Finance, then calculates the equivalent value in the readers currency for any values in the post. It then updates the post so the reader can see their currency, in brackets after the original value.

All of this is done using ‘AJAX’ techniques so that page load times aren’t affected. Readers can change their currency via a selection box if they desire.

Where Do I Get LocalCurrency?

See the LocalCurrency plugin home page for more information about LocalCurrency, a live example, and to download the plugin.

Why Is It On JobsInChina?

There is one big difference about this plugin, compared to my other plugins. LocalCurrency is a JobsInChina production. That means I’m hosting  it on the website. There are several reasons for this:

  1. It was written for use on the JobsInChina blog
  2. It’s running on that blog, not this one
  3. It is more likely to appeal to a higher percentage of visitors to that blog (as many will start their own blog when living in China).
  4. Honestly, the backlinks will help JobsInChina. I’ll write more on this in the coming weeks, but a plugin is great at generating backlinks.

This was a hard decision. This is my WordPress plugin site, so it could be argued that all my plugins belong here. Point three swayed the argument. JobsInChina is supposed to provide resources to people wanting to live in China. That includes bloggers!

It’s not all about point four. In fact, I’m sure there are SEO experts out there who’d say that it’d be better to keep the two sites separate and tightly focused. Of course it is possible for a site to be an authority on more than one topic. This blog has some authority for China – it ranks at position 20 for Chinese Hospitality (it used to be on page one, but it’s slipping).

Anyway, I may come to regret the decision, but it’s been made now. I’ll provide any feedback on the SEO impact if it becomes obvious.

Final Thoughts

This was one of the more complicated plugins I’ve written, as it involved JavaScript and ‘AJAX’, but it’s been very satisfying to complete. I’m not expecting it to be a mainstream plugin, but it is handy for people living abroad who often talk about what they’ve spent recently.

12 responses on “New WordPress Plugin – LocalCurrency

  1. hari

    Stephen, why don’t you also write b2evolution plugins. The community needs those a lot more than WordPress and you’re sure to get a lot more appreciation from the developers.

    I hope you won’t restrict yourself just to WP plugins.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      As I mentioned to you offline, I’m probably not in the position to do this at the moment for several reasons. However, I’m sure there are lots of opportunities to really make a difference and build a name for yourself within the b2evolution world, that don’t exist within the WordPress sphere because there are so many existing plugins for WordPress.

      I hope we can talk more about b2evolution in future.

  2. RT Cunningham

    This will probably be a plugin I can use (once I get back to the Philippines). I’m constantly quoting prices in pesos and then converting to USD.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi RT,

      There are a few rough edges to it – so I’m sure you’ll have some suggestions for me! 🙂

      Take care in the US and I hope everything goes smoothly there…

  3. Club

    I think that this plugin will be very useful for large communities. And AJAX tecnology makes it simply perfect. I think that I will put this plugin to my site in the big local network. Thanks It is very useful for me/

  4. John Slimak

    What a great concept to gain one way links back to your nest. I have a few sites doing just that and always looking for a new concept to gain powerful links. Please let me know the progress. By the way nice blog on China been on it for 2 hours looking around.

  5. Justin@Rap Beats

    That’s such a great plugin-subtle and effective. My only question is if there should be a dropdown menu on the currency amount so users can go between currencies. This way if I’m in Canada I can see the US value.

  6. GHD Styler Stockists

    Fantastic Plugin Stephen..many thanks, i am using this on my latest blog. Wish i would found this when i started my first blog which has about 60% overseas traffic.

  7. jeff@Hsbc online banking.

    That is a neat plugin. I guess i could use it on site and make it for currency coverter also. People could check what it would cost in own currency.

  8. Eric@Aweber Alternative

    Is there any way to add in fees in the options side of this plugin? I think it would be seriously awesome for a forex blog.

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