WordPress 2.3 Breaks Articles Plugin – Solution

| Created: November 20th, 2007
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After my recent upgrade to WordPress 2.3.1, the Articles plugin by Alex King started showing my Articles under the wrong Categories. Fortunately, there is a solution posted on the WordPress Support site.

This is a curious one, because I am using version 1.2 of the plugin, which was specifically updated for WordPress 2.3. This version seems to work fine for some people, including Alex, but not for others, including me.

I should point out that this seems to be a problem for both WordPress 2.3 and 2.3.1.

Luckily, the solution posted by Andy Cowl seems to resolve the problem for me. It also resolved the problem for some other people, so if you’re having problems with this plugin, this may be worth trying. Hopefully, we’ll see an official fix sometime soon.

Most people know to check the WordPress Support site if they are having problems, but it can’t hurt to spread the word. Did you experience any problems?

17 responses on “WordPress 2.3 Breaks Articles Plugin – Solution

  1. Stephen Cronin Post author

    Gastric, Sorry to hear that. That would be very annoying!

    It took me a long time to upgrade to 2.3.1 because I was worried about that happening to me. Before I upgraded, I spent quite a lot of time upgrading my theme and the plugins I use, then I tested it on a local copy of WordPress before I did it on my real system. Took a lot of time, but it went smoothly in the end.

    Anyway, I hope you get there eventually. Good Luck!

  2. Jill@SimpleDailyRecipes.com

    That worked beautifully for me. My recipe categories were all messed up when I upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1. All I had to do was cut and paste the changed part of the query and everything started working. Finding your post saved me hours.

    Thanks a bunch.


  3. Stephen Cronin Post author

    Hi Jill,

    I’m really glad this helped you out. I know I found it pretty frustrating when the plugin didn’t work in 2.3.1, but it sounds like you rely on the plugin a lot more than I do.

    Nice site by the way – you’ve made me hungry!

  4. Andrew

    Hey Stephen,

    I’m not exactly an expert when it comes to WordPress. “Fake it ’til you make it,” you know? I saw the fix on the WP support site but I’m not sure how to make the change in the plugin file. Could you lend me a hand?


  5. Stephen Cronin Post author

    Hi Andrew,

    The plugin is GPL, meaning I could actually post the altered version on my site for people to download, even though it’s not my plugin. I don’t really want to do that unless there’s great demand…

    So, I’ll email you the altered version that I’m using. It’s the original plugin (v1.2) with the fix applied. I hope it works for you, but as it’s not my plugin and not my fix, I can’t accept responsbility etc… (I’m saying that just in case!).

  6. Andrew

    Thanks for sending me the fix. It works great! My category titles look a little goofy, but that should be easy enough to figure out. Thanks again.

  7. Joel

    Hi Stephen,
    Is it possible to send me a copy too please? I have done the change myself but now get duplicate entries (but at least in the right categories). Much appreciated.

  8. Drunk Text

    I Haven’t upgraded my wordpress on some of the blogs since august 2007, they seem to be doing ok as they are. i know it’s a silly thing to do but hey they’re not that easy to manage.

    I’m just curious about one thing, what happens when you have a plugin that you wouldn’t want to go without and it’s coders are no supporting it anymore and it’s incompatible with the new wordpress release?

    What do you do do you just give up on it and move on…?

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Drunk Text,

      It’s best to stay up to date if possible because of security reasons. If you don’t you probably shouldn’t tell anyone. 🙂

      If there’s a plugin I need and the author isn’t supporting it anymore, I’d see if there were any alternatives. If not, then I’d probably make the plugin work! But then I write plugins, so that’s an option I have that others may not. 🙂

  9. MSN hacken

    @ Drunk Text

    Sometimes I have that problem too. A little time ago I installed an Adsense Plugin. After a time I upgraded to WordPress 2.3, but the plugin didn’t work. So I searched for a upgrade for the adsense plugin but there wasn’t yet one. So now my earnings of my blog are nothing by adsense, because I didn’t found a suitable adsense plugin yet.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      That sucks – you need to find a different plugin. There are many Adsense plugins out there. Personally I use Shylock Adsense, and find it great, but there are many more!

  10. Jen@News Blog

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been looking for a plugin like this for 2.3 (haven’t upgraded to 2.5 yet because I heard people are having issues on it). I’ll let you know how it turns out for me. Thanks again!

  11. Michael

    I tried Andy Cowl’s fix and it worked… sort of. It displays categories properly, but also lists all of my tags too. Of course, I assume it’s because I’m using WP 2.5 rather than 2.3. Any suggestions?

  12. tony@Cheap web hosting.

    Thanks for the upgrade link. Some people i know have had this problem and just took the plugin off after trying to fix it for so long.

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