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Do you run a site with user submitted content? Do users submit the same post again and again?

You can find and remove duplicates using our free Fix Duplicates plugin!

That gets rid of the duplicates – but what about SEO? If any of those deleted posts have backlinks pointing to them, the PageRank of the removed posts will be lost. 🙁

This extension takes care of that by giving you the option to 301 redirect the removed duplicates to the kept item. This preserves your link equity, so that PageRank is passed to a single post instead of it being lost.

Unlimited Updates and Support

We are considering switching this extension to a yearly subscription, but if you buy now, you’ll receive updates and support for the lifetime of the product! How can we afford to offer this? Well, fortunately the amount of support generated by this extension is very low. 🙂

If you do need support, please contact us through our contact form.

Please don’t use the forum for the free plugin on We do provide support there, but not always in a timely manner. Using our contact form will get you in touch with us right away. We usually answer support requests within 24 hours, although we tend to have weekends off!


Here’s a quick video showing Fix Duplicates in action, focusing on the Redirection extension:

Exporting your data

Screenshot showing the Export Redirects function

Screenshot showing the Export Redirects function

We think you will use Fix Duplicates forever… but, just in case you don’t, you can export your redirections in either .htaccess format (using the Redirect command) or in CSV format (so you can do what you like with them). No vendor lock in here!


Documentation for this extension can be found on the documentation page.


1.0.6 (24 October 2016)
  • Major Fix: Prevented a hole heap of notifications being displayed / saved when WP_DEBUG is set to true.
  • Major Fix: Prevented the plugin from creating, exporting or executing redirect loops (which should not normally be created).
  • Major Fix: Fixed the .htaccess export, which was incorrectly including quote marks around the URLs.
  • Minor Fix: Fixed the Debug CSV export so the redirect's URL (which you'll never use) is exported correctly.
  • Minor Fix: Tweaks to styling of the admin pages, including fixing the position of the sidebar.
  • Minor Change: Change priority of the redirection function so that it's not hijacked by other things.
  • Minor Change: Removed the code supressing WordPress SEO by Yoast, as it's no longer needed since 1.0.4.
1.0.5 (2 June 2016)
  • New Feature: It's now possible to export redirects in the following formats: CSV; .htaccess (using Redirect command); and DEBUG mode (for use in support).
1.0.4 (24 May 2016)
  • Major Bug Fix - WP 4.5 compatibility (Please Update): Fixed an error where the URL to redirect from was appended with '__trashed' (for posts redirected after WP4.5 update), breaking the redirection. This has now been fixed so that a) these URLs will not be created in future and b) the redirection will work for any existing redirects with these URLs.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem where redirection did not work for a) URLs missing the trailing slash, if permalink structure had trailing slash; OR b) URLs including the trailing slash, if permalink structure did not have it.
  • Bug Fix: Version 1.0.3 made sure that redirects would not accidentally go to the URLs with "/duplicate-redirect/" in them (which should never appear on the front end), but these URLs could still be accessed if someone typed in the URL. They have now been made entirely innaccessible. If someone tries to access these URLs, they will be redirected to the home page.
1.0.3 (17 May 2016)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed error where in some cases URLs with "/duplicate-redirect/" in them appeared on the front end.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem with Redirection not working when WordPress was installed in a sub-directory.
  • Minor change: Removed some extra spaces, in order to make the code style more consistent.
1.0.2 (30 April 2015)
  • Bug Fix: fixed error that was preventing the automatic updater from working.
1.0.1 (29 April 2015)
  • Security Fix: properly escape an instance of add_query_arg in order to prevent an XSS vulnerability.
1.0 (26 February 2014)
  • Initial Release.