IFrameWidgets 1.01 Update – Fix For WordPress 2.5

| Created: June 9th, 2008
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I’m finally releasing version 1.01 of the IFrameWidgets WordPress plugin. The only change is that is has been re-written so that it will work with WordPress 2.5, which changed the way widgets worked.

If you are on WordPress 2.5 and above, use Version 1.01 of IFrameWidgets. If you are on an older version of WordPress, use version 1.0 of IFrameWidgets.

IFrameWidgets can stop slow loading JavaScript widgets from breaking your page. Widgets remain hidden until completely loaded, then appear in whole. If they don’t load, they won’t take up any space on your sidebar. If they load slowly, or hang, they won’t stop the rest of your page from loading.

Thanks To EagleHawk

A BIG Thanks to Eaglehawk from Flight of The Eaglehawk for alerting me to the problem and for beta testing the new version.

Where Do I Get It?

IFrameWidgets v1.01 can be downloaded from the IFrameWidgets plugin home page. Further information about the plugin and it’s features, including installation / upgrade instructions, is also available on the plugin home page.

23 responses on “IFrameWidgets 1.01 Update – Fix For WordPress 2.5

  1. Thaya Kareeson

    I use the Fun-With-Sidebar-Tabs plugin which lets me tab my widgets. Of course this plugin also suffers from slow javascript loading, so on site-load my readers will see my entire un-tabbed sidebar for a few seconds before it collapse to tab (very annoying!). I haven’t heard of IFrameWidget before, but I will check it out to see if it can resolve this issue I’m having. Thank you!

  2. kim@esca makeup

    Thanks for the update. I’ve been having a lot of issues with my wp blog ever since I’ve upgraded to 2.5. In fact, I held up upgrading a few of my other blogs because I’ve been having difficulties with it. I do like iFrameWidgets. Great plugin!

  3. tracy @ cosmetic dentist

    I can only hope it cures only a few of the widget woes I seem to have now that I upgraded to 2.5. Thanks for the heads up on it.

  4. John @ Washington Mutual Online Banking

    Thanks for updating this plugin. My WordPress sites get too bogged down without your plugin.

  5. Jason@Electric Mobility Scooter

    Does it help the other things on the page load faster than if the javascript stuff was loading with it, or does everything load at the same speed?

  6. Breakaway@Link Building Bible

    Wow… this is a great idea for a plugin! You’re always thinking! I hate when pages just hang, and you can tell that the sidebar is missing some stuff. Hopefully tons of people adopt this solution!

  7. Martin@Poker guide

    Ahh this is neat, the name implies that the widgets end up in an Iframe though, doesn’t this make the blog a bit hard for search engines to index?

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      Sure, but your content isn’t in the widget is it? Widgets typically have other people’s content (like a BlogCatalog widget) which isn’t something you need the search engines to see. Your main content isn’t in the widget and it will be index fine.

  8. David@Recipes

    Have a recipe site with 50,000 recipes running under WordPress 2.5.1 (will update soon to 2.6) and it’s taking over 10 seconds to load a page!

    Hoping your plugin will help with some of the problems associated with a very slow loading site.

    Got about 50 WordPress blogs and this is the only one that runs this way, but then it’s the only one with 50K posts. I currently see 669 queries when I load the home page, none of my other sites come close to this number queries.

    I think it’s because there are over 300 categories but having problems confirming this. I use a plugin to only show a small number of categories at a time, but suspect WordPress is ‘loading’ the entire category list (hence the hundreds of queries), though not showing them since there’s the plugin that stops it.


  9. Alex@Smartphones

    I have WordPress 2.6.1 on one of my blogs. Would this version work good for me?
    Btw, thank you for you job. Good plugin my pages are fly now.

  10. Itsme@Greenville IT support

    Thanks for making this plugin available. I used to do software development, but i’ts been quite a few years. Now I do general computer support. I was thinking that a fun way to return to software development would be to do some kind of freeware.

    I’ve seen that there are lots of WordPress plugins available. When you went to write this did you just see a need and decide to write it, or did you run across a webpage where someone said “I wish I had a plugin that ….” Also, I know much more about programming than I do WordPress. Should I immerse myself in WordPress prior to even starting writing something. Also is there politics to be considered in writing these kinds of things — things like if your blog doesn’t look good then no one will download it, etc.

  11. Mark@Unique Irish Gifts

    Cheers for taking the time to develop and update this plugin. We’re still on 2.5, so this will definitely help improve the user experience on our blog.

  12. helen@baby clothes

    Hi there, I was having a few problems and I thought the above might just fix it but it hasn’t unfortunately

    Is there anywhere that anyone can suggest is a good place to look for answers?


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