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| Created: November 14th, 2008
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I was pleasantly surprised to find that my FeedEntryHeader plugin was featured on Episode 28 of the WordPress Weekly podcast. The mention was fairly brief,  but it’s nice to be noticed by such an influential podcast.

I’d like to thank Keith Murray for making FeedEntryHeader his plugin of the week. WordPress Weekly is one of the regular features of my 40 minute train ride into the Brisbane CBD. I always listen to the plugin of the week section with interest, but never thought one of my WordPress plugins would appear.

It’s probably lucky that I found out that FeedEntryHeader was featured before I listened to Episode 28. If I’d been taken by surprise on the train, there’s no telling what my reaction may have been!

Anyway, Keith mentioned the threat of having your content scraped by a splog and the role that FeedEntryHeader can play in combating this.

Ironically, I found out that FeedEntryHeader had been featured on WordPress Weekly when I followed a backlink in my WordPress Admin Dashboard. It took me to a splog, which appears to have been scraping Weblog Tools Collection! There was a copy of the Episode 28 page, word for word, including the link to the FeedEntryHeader home page.

So… I found out that WordPress Weekly Episode 28 had mentioned my plugin as a weapon against splogs, through one of these very splogs, that had scraped the Episode 28 page! This is the bit where I say that Weblog Tools Collection should use FeedEntryHeader right?

Well, as it happens, they’d been scraped by a reasonably nice splog, which had left all the post’s links intact, including the post title link pointing at the original post. However, FeedEntryHeader would have made it clearer to people that they were reading the post on the wrong blog. It could also help them with the other, not so nice splogs.

Anyway, it was very nice to have been mentioned by WordPress Weekly. It’s a great podcast and I have a lot of respect for the guys that run it.

18 responses on “FeedEntryHeader Featured On WordPress Weekly

  1. Jeffro2pt0

    Thanks Stephen for dedicating some of your time and effort to the WordPress community through this plugin. As you already know, there are plenty of people which use this plugin on their plug and appreciate its effectiveness.

    We’ll be mentioning your comment on todays episode when we reach the feedback segment as how you found out about the featured plugin is funny.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Jeffro,

      Thank you for dedicating your time and effort to the WordPress community as well, through both the podcast and all your writings in various places. I don’t know how you find the time!

      I’ll look forward to listening to today’s episode (whether the comment’s mentioned or not – I always enjoy it!

  2. chris T-Home

    It is amazing to hear about your plugin “FeedEntryHeader” featured in the plugin of the week section. As you said this plugin is really a weapon against splogs that scrap.

  3. Dan@Caribbean Holidays

    Congratulations on your mention, it must be really satisfying to know that such a large organisation has noticed your plugin. I use your plugin on my blog and it’s awesome, really deserves the mention 🙂

  4. John

    Just came across your blog, you have some very interesting information on it! I wish that every blog I came across was as in depth as yours! Hopefully you keep posting such quality work!

  5. Jerico@Mendham Real Estate

    I really love your plug in! so happy for you for having your plug in featured. Congratulations and always keep up the good work.

  6. gadgalia

    Thanks for the info.Wordpress has so many plugins that you can download for free.Most people want to customize their blog.This helps them better………….

  7. Eric@DIY Dish Washer Repairs

    Has anyone used the plugin and if so, what are your thoughts? How many people are having problems with their content being scraped? I know this is becoming a pretty occurrence but it hasn’t hit close to home yet.

  8. Kristensen

    I was able to heard that particular episode and it rings a bell to me because I have several friends who are using your plugin. Congrats Stephen, you deserved it 🙂

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