IFrameWidgets ChangeLog

This is a list of changes for each version of the IFrameWidgets plugin.

Version 1.01 (5th June 2008):

  • The code to register, create and control the Widget was rewritten to work with WordPress 2.5.

Version 1.0 (29th January 2008):

  • No Changes from 0.14 beta – plugin moves to full release.

Version 0.14 beta (3rd December 2007):

  • Improved XHTML Transitional Validation by:
  • moving the javascript in the head section to an external file.
  • removing target=”_blank” from the iframe tag (no longer needed as the IFrame HTML has <base target="_blank">).
  • changing scrolling=”No” to scrolling=”no”.
  • Fixed issue with plugin checking for tracking codes in the head section. If no widgets were set up, a php warning was given.
  • Fixed issue when the title was left empty (the plugin was echoing $before_title and $after_title). It now only echos them, if there is title.
  • Fixed issue with BUMPzee widget code (wasn’t a problem). The BUMPzee javascript was appearing before the html tag in the IFrame source.

Version 0.13 beta:

  • Added Tracking Code parameter, which allows a Tracking code to be inserted into the Head section. This is meant to negate the http_referer issue.

Version 0.12 beta:

  • Ensured links will not open in the IFrame by adding <base target="_blank"> to the head of the IFrame content.
  • Resolved transparent background issue in IE and Opera, by adding style=”background-color: transparent” to body of IFrame and allowtransparency=”true” to IFrame tag.
  • Added option to Align the IFrame widget (your theme’s default, left, center or right).

Version 0.11 beta:

  • Modified the ifwChangeHeight function to resize the IFrame correctly for Opera.

Version 0.1 beta:

  • Initial release