DualFeeds ChangeLog

This is a list of changes for each version of the DualFeeds plugin.

Version 1.11 (28th December 2007):

  • Added the alt attribute to the image tags for better accessibility / validation
  • Removed extra space in autodiscovery link for comment feed
  • Made the Subscribe image 170px wide instead of 180px, for narrow sidebars. This is only used when the Show Text Instead Of Image parameter is selected. Other sidebar images remain 180px.

Version 1.1 (8th November 2007):


  • Sidebar widget (or function for sidebar.php) to display prominent image with links to the Full Post, Summary and Comments Feeds.
  • Option to display links to the Full Post, Summary and Comments Feeds at the end of each post / page.
  • Option to turn on feed autodiscovery links (for first, second and comment feed) in the html, so modern browsers can autodiscover your feeds.
  • Better FeedBurner support: DualFeeds can now redirect feed requests for the first, second and comment feed URLs to the appropriate FeedBurner URL. This can be with or instead of FeedSmith (or similar plugin).
  • Added Check For Update button to the Options Page.
  • Options page now lists the URLs for both feeds for your site.


  • If there is no excerpt or more tag, entries in the summary feed will be cut off after the last whole word before Maximum Summary Length parameter (not mid word).
  • In the summary feed, there is now a link to the full article with the text "visit site to read more" at the end of each entry.
  • The Options page now detects whether the Syndication Feeds parameter on the Options -> Reading page is set to Full Text and warns the user if it’s not (instead of previous message visible whether it was set or not).
  • Activation no longer resets parameter values if they have been previously set.
  • Redesigned the Options page to accommodate the new features.
  • Reduced the size of the input box for Maximum Summary Length on the Options Page.


  • Some versions of php did not like the xor statement when DualFeeds was running in switched mode. Altered this to remove xor.
  • The if (function_exists('add_submenu_page')) should have been add_options_page not add_submenu_page. Very unlikely to cause problems.

Version 1.0 (9th August 2007):

Initial release