Don’t Let Your CommentLuv Be Stolen Away!

| Created: February 5th, 2008
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Many WordPress blogs are adopting the CommentLuv plugin, because it gives readers extra incentive to make a comment – it automatically adds a link to the commentator’s latest post at the end of their comment.

This is great for the commentator, for several reasons outlined below. However, some people are not taking full advantage of the benefits.

Benefits For The Commentator

Commenting on a blog using CommentLuv gives you two potential benefits:

1. Increased Traffic / Readership

As people read through the comments, they can see the titles of each person’s latest post. If the title of your latest post appeals to the reader, there’s a good chance they will follow the link to your site, to read the post.

If you have great post titles, you will get traffic from this source. Some of this traffic will convert to regular readers.

2. Benefits To PageRank / SERPs

If the blog running CommentLuv is a DoFollow blog, not only will it send visitors your way, it will also pass you a little bit of PageRank.

Of course, Dofollow blogs already give you one link. While this link helps a little with PageRank, it’s less useful for the SERPs because the Name field is used as the anchor text. This will really only help you on searches for your name. That’s why some people put keywords in the name field – to help on searches for those keywords – at the risk of being marked as spammers.

SERPs = Search Engine Results Pages or how high your site ranks when people search for a particular term.

CommentLuv gives you a second link, which has a couple of advantages over the first:

  1. It uses the post title as anchor text. If your keywords are in the post title, it will help you in the SERPs for those keywords.
  2. It’s a deep link, pointing to a page on your blog rather than the home page.

These advantages really are extra incentive to make a comment.

Note: If you leave low quality comments just to get the link, it’ll be marked as a spam.

DoFollow CommentLuv Stolen Away

Some people are not taking full advantage of the benefit provided by CommentLuv on DoFollow blogs. They could be improving their PageRank and their position in the SERPs, but instead this is being stolen away.

How? The link for their latest post points to a FeedBurner redirect URL, not to the original post on their site.

This doesn’t stop people getting to the post, as FeedBurner will redirect them to the site. However, it means that the PageRank / SERPs benefits are going to FeedBurner, instead of the commentator’s site. Some of this may be passed on by FeedBurner, or it may not be. It’s not worth the risk.

Next time you leave a comment on a CommentLuv blog, check the link to see whether it goes to a FeedBurner URL or to the original post on your site.

The Solution

CommentLuv uses your feed to create the link for your latest post. If you have the Item Link Clicks parameter turned on in your FeedBurner settings, your feed will use the FeedBurner URL and so will CommentLuv.

If you want to change this, see the Turn off FeedBurner Redirect in RSS Feeds post by K-IntheHouse at ShanKri-la.

EDIT: As per Josh’s comment below, there is an option to use permanent redirects, which should pass on PageRank to your site. You still follow the instructions on K-IntheHouse’s post, but instead of turning Item link clicks off, leave it on, but change the setting from complete item use statistics to search engine ranking. For more information, see this Google Support help page.

There are other reasons to turn the Item Link Clicks parameters off, as outlined by K: it makes it harder for people to access the post’s original URL. Why make it harder for people to blog about you?

Add the loss of potential PageRank / SERPs benefits and this becomes a real issue. Unless you really need the extra stats, turn this off!

I live in China and FeedBurner URLs are blocked here. If your post titles have the FeedBurner link in the title, I can’t get to your post by clicking on it. Instead I have to go to your home page and find the post manually. This only affects people living in China (or other countries where FeedBurner is blocked), but it’s very annoying!

Final Thoughts

Commentators: CommentLuv gives you extra incentive to make a comment,  particularly if the blog is DoFollow. Make sure you take full advantage!

Blog Owners: CommentLuv can encourage comments and reward those who make the effort, but are you worried about being targeted by spammers?

I haven’t activated it on my blogs yet, but I probably will in the near future.

266 responses on “Don’t Let Your CommentLuv Be Stolen Away!

  1. K-IntheHouse

    Excellent, well thought out post Stephen! I saw a few of my fellow bloggers urn this off after I mentioned it but I still a lot of blogs with the FeedBurner redirect. Your post should convert a few more bloggers. 🙂

    I wasn’t convinced of CommentLuv for a while but I subconsciously started going back to blogs with this plugin enabled to leave comments. I don’t spam but at times when I was feeling lazy, a link back to my current post was very luring and I’d make the effort.

    I usually dislike people using keywords instead of their name but I approve them as long their comment adds value to the discussion.

    Stumbled! 😛

    1. Stephen Cronin

      Hi K,

      I told you I’d write up your post – it just took several months!

      At first I wasn’t convinced about CommentLuv either, but when I’m pressed for time and thinking should I or shouldn’t I leave a comment, CommentLuv can tip the balance. A little link love never hurts.

      I’ll be looking into adding CommentLuv to my blogs in the near future, so I can give the link love out as well as receive it.

  2. Andy Bailey

    One of the most useful posts I have read about CommentLuv! thanks!
    I’ll add a link to this post to the CommentLuv plugin page straight away.

  3. Deb


    I am learning something new about nofollow and dofollow blogs everyday. I was not aware of comment luv before now…Very useful information…

    Stephen this comment luv concept absolutely has to work…I just found your blog because of comment luv….so I believe it will increase traffic to your blog.

    Question…What is the best way to find commentluv blogs?

    Thanks Deb

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Deb,

      Thanks! I’m definitely going to start using CommentLuv soon. As for how to find CommentLuv blogs, I think Andy’s got that covered in the comment below. Andy’s very responsive for a plugin author, which is great!

  4. K-IntheHouse

    Deb, you are right. My feed reader was starting to tank with my usual reads and as soon as the CommentLuv plugin is gaining popularity, I find myself adding new blogs to my feed reader looking at the topics they talk about.

    I am not sure how you can find commentluv blogs although that would be cool! May be the plugin author could make a call to the plugin users to leave a comment in a post where we can browse and check out other blogs using the plugin! 🙂

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      Exactly! I can’t keep up with my existing reading, but I’ve been adding new blogs to my reader because they have CommentLuv. Of course they have to interest me. I won’t start reading blogs on topics that I’m not into just for the CommentLuv, but it can be a differentiator.

  5. Andy Bailey

    Hi again, I have a custom plugin that listens for activation of the CommentLuv plugin whenever someone uses it on their blog for the first time and writes out the address to a text file. It’s not perfect though because wordpress doesn’t always catch every time someone activates the plugin.

    You could try this google search for CommentLuv -fiddyp which should give you plenty of results to try (atm 697,000 results)

    or do a related link search for the exact plugin page with this search (only 9160 results)

    the list I am maintaining automatically for the past month or so is but that has lots that don’t use it any more or for people that have activated other plugins that I have made.

    There is a rare issue where someone leaves a comment and their feed contains a character set that isn’t compatible with the host blog and it causes a Mysql error. this is something I am working on and will resolve when the next version is released (with AJAX!)

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      I’ve noticed that you are really on top of who is using the plugin. Anytime I find a post announcing a blog has started using CommentLuv, you are one of the first commentators! Now I know how you manage it!

      When I was having a look for sites which ran CommentLuv, I did a Google search on "Enable CommentLuv which will try and get your last blog post, please be patient" (including the quotes). This will only find sites which had the plugin active last time the googlebot visited it. It’s not perfect but is another possible approach.

      I was thinking that it may be worthwhile for someone to build a list of CommentLuv sites that are DoFollow. We alreay have several lists for DoFollow – why not one which highlights just those running CommentLuv? Of course, some people will think such a list is mainly for spammers…

  6. Josh Spaulding


    I just noticed something in my FeedBurner account. They offer a permanent redirect, which would transfer all link juice from the FeedBurner URL to your post URL. Here is what they say about it:

    Optimize for search engine ranking

    Since search engines may in some cases favor Permanent (301) over Temporary (302) redirects, we offer TotalStats customers an alternate method for tracking item link clicks that uses Permanent redirects.

    This method has one downside — some applications (web browsers, feed readers, proxies) will store the permanent redirected URL and as a result, subsequent item link clicks (after the initial one) from that client will not be counted.

    So we can still track those stats, usually, and get the link juice it sounds like.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      Thank you for bringing this information to light – I’m going to add something to the main body of the post to tell people about this.

      Personally, I’m keeping it turned off – if it’s my own URL then there can be no doubt! However, this does sound like it could solve the issue of PageRank not being passed.

      I’ll have a look at how to turn the permanant redirects on and let people know (this may take a day or so, I’m out of time now).

  7. John Hunter

    Great post. Good content and details – just the stuff that makes blogs great and separates the few from the masses. Do you know of any good options for selling feed ads if you just use wordpress (don’t use feedburner)?

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      Thanks. I don’t use feed ads, so I’m not the best person to ask. There was a discussion about Adsense in feeds on the Aussie Bloggers Forum, which may be useful. Darren Rowse ended up suggesting the FeedBurner ads, which may be no use if you don’t use FeedBurner. Sorry I’m not of more help…

    2. K-IntheHouse

      Stephen.. I have said time and again that you are a man of your words. I do admire that about you and I am not sure if I deserve all the kindness you show me. 🙂

      Josh’s note does look like it’ll solve the PR passing issue but I’d still have it turned off so someone can easily link to my post just by grabbing the link right from the feed reader. I guess it’ll a personal choice.

      John, have you looked at the new Bidvertiser’s Feed Ads? You may not need to have FeedBurner feed to use it.

      Also, you could look at a WordPress plugin called Better Feed which let’s you customize your feed footer and you could sell your own ads (like I have just started doing last week.)

      1. Stephen Cronin Post author

        K – Thanks, you’re making me blush!

        I was going to look into the Josh’s solution more and maybe add a how-two above, but I haven’t had a chance yet. It certainly looks like the solution. But I’ll be leaving mine turned off too so people can grab the link easily.

  8. John Hunter

    Thanks, yes I have looked at both of those. I tried better feed for awhile and then discontinued it. I will probably activate it again but I probably don’t want the hassle of selling ads myself.

  9. Mirjam

    Hi Stephen
    I have plugged in both do-follow and commentluv on my blog, because I like to see them on others aswell, especially the commentluv has raken me to some wonderful blog I would not have found otherwise. Afraid of spamming?
    Not really, since my blog is new and I don´t have a zillion daily visitors, I do read all the comments. Maybe in the future, if things get out of hand I will change my mind 😉

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Mirjam,

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s all about sharing. The dofollow community has some great blogs, so there’s some great reading, some great conversations and some link love thrown in! It simply encourages people to join in. Some of them start with the motive to spam, but end up becoming strong community members.

      Spam can be a problem, but if you take some Antispam measures (I use the Askimet, Math Comment Spam Protection and Simple Trackback Validation plugins) it’s not that bad – and don’t forget: as well as some extra spam, you also get extra (non-spam) traffic.

      Anyway, good luck with your blog – I’m having a look at it right now!

      1. Mirjam

        Hi again,
        I think you are so right! But no matter what one as a blogger can do, to encourage people to leave comments, by throwing in linklove, in the end it all comes down to one thing, your posts will have to be unique and interesting enough in order to get good feedback and comments on it!

        keep up the good work and I am sure I will see you around!

        1. Stephen Cronin Post author

          Hi Mirjam,

          Sorry I’m a bit slow responding. You’re absolutely right! And you will see me around, because I’ve subscribed to your blog!

  10. Stephen Cronin Post author

    Hi All,

    I’ve now updated the post with a short paragraph on the information Josh found (how to preserve PageRank while still using the FeedBurner stats). I’ve included how to turn it on and a link to a Google Support page on this topic.

    Personally, I’ve turned mine off and I’m not going to turn it back on, but if people really want the FeedBurner stats (tracking clicks on titles in your feed), then this seems to be the solution. Thanks Josh!

  11. steve

    I’m thinking of adding a blog to our site, I had never heard of CommentLuv, it does sound good though. Damn, even more technology to try to get my head round 🙁

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      I recommend CommentLuv, although I still haven’t had time to add it here.

      As for adding a blog to your site – a blog can be a great thing for business. There’s a free ebook by Michael Martine called How to Start a Business Blog, which is really worth reading if you’re thinking about this.

      Best of luck!

  12. Kyle

    Thanks for the advice here. I’m trying to setup CommentLuv today so this was some extra things to make sure I pay attention too. It’s always better to know everything coming in. Thanks.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      Thanks. Hope it helps – although it’s really aimed at people commenting on blogs with CommentLuv, rather than the blogs themselves.

  13. isabella mori

    great post! actually, i was wondering whether you have any input on this. i just can’t for the life of me, get any of the dofollow plugins to work. any thoughts?

    i really enjoy commentluv. it adds depth to a comment, i think, because it shows a little about who the author is.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      I just had a quick look at your site and the do follow plugin seems to be working fine. I checked the source and there is not a nofollow tag to be found (that means your dofollow plugin is working).

      And I agree with you that another benefit of CommentLuv is that it shows a little about the author. Great point! It helps make it more of a community with real people. Thanks.

  14. isabella mori

    thanks for taking the trouble, stephen. it occurs to me that maybe i misunderstand “do follow”. i know that i don’t have nofollows in my code. i also know that when i comment on SOME “do follow” blogs, my comment shows up in technorati as a blog reaction but not in all. perhaps that’s a separate affair?

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      yes, that’s a separate thing. Dofollow just means disabling the nofollow tag. This is mainly so that people who comment can get some Google PageRank benefit. It’s nothing to do with Technorati – Technorati don’t care if the links are nofollow or not.

      I’m not sure why Technorati are showing some comments – their documentation says that they don’t count comments, only links in the body of the post. I guess they are unable to detect that the comments you left were actually comments. Anyway – that’s a bonus more than anything!

  15. Heather

    I don’t think yahoo cares that much about nofollow as they appear to follow and count them anyway. the idea behind CommentLuv is both practical and beneficial. The only concern I have over time is whether or not the big search engines will feel the same way. It’s very hard to argue it is incredibly useful and really is of benefit to the reader.

    Thanks for the very thorough information.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      I wouldn’t be surprised to see links in blog comments become less and less important to the search engines. I’m sure Google can tell where the comments are. But for the moment they do count, at least a little, if they are nofollow.

      I think Yahoo ignores the nofollow tag, but the amount of traffic I get from Yahoo is tiny compared to Google. It’s not worth spending time getting nofollow links just to increase your ranking with Yahoo. Of course the nofollow links may be very worthwhile for traffic reasons, as mentioned above.

      That’s the thing about CommentLuv, it’s worthwhile even if you’re not getting PageRank benefits – that’s just the icing on the cake.

  16. Maurice The CaymanHost

    Great post Stephen – fortunately I’d already discovered this little wrinkle a while back after reading the post by K-InTheHouse (another great blog you introduced me to btw).

    Thanks for highlighting the issue again though, it will help a lot of people I’m sure.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Mo,

      Great to see you again! I’m behind in my reading, so I haven’t stopped by for a while. Hope to rectify that soon.

      I’d been planning to post about K’s original post for a long time, when the CommentLuv angle came up. It tied together nicely, but it’s all down to K that I even knew about the issue in first place.

  17. Sire

    A very thorough post. I have installed the commentluv plugin on my two newest blogs just to see if it will kick things along a bit. I always make sure I comment on blogs that have commentluv but have never thought to check the link. Thanks for supplying the information.

      1. Sire

        Hey Stephen it wasn’t until after I commented that I realized you were an Aussie. Did you know that we make the best bloggers, or was that lovers, I can never remember which lol.

        1. Stephen Cronin Post author

          Hi Sire,

          I recognised your name from the forums… I think we’re the best at both – although not at the same! 🙂

          1. Stephen Cronin Post author

            I should post more in the forums often! I’ve been away for about a month, but I’m back now, mostly active in the WordPress and Monetization areas. See you there!

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Max, Yes – most people have no idea it occurring because you can see your post title and clicking it takes you there. Most people don’t look closely at the URL.

  18. Selif

    thanks for posting this. Like so many others, I just figured because there was a link to a recent post and clicking on it took me there … Never bothered to check to see if it was a redirect or not

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Selif, easy mistake to make. I’m in the habit of always checking the links before I click anything, so I actually noticed this when I wanted to click through to someone’s site from their comment.

  19. Tee

    I’m a big fan of Commentluv, I think it was a stroke of genius on the plugin creator’s part. Do you not have it enabled here on this site? If not, I am curious as to what is holding you back?

    I haven’t yet noticed an increase in spam comments on my own site ( ) since enabling the plugin, but I have a feeling spammers will soon try to take advantage…

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Tee,

      I agree it was a stroke of genius on the creator’s part. I wish I’d thought of it!

      I don’t have it enabled here yet, but that really comes down to time. I have some other things I’m working on at present, so I’m really just trying to keep up with comments at the moment. I will activate in the next couple of weeks.

      My guess is that you’ll get an increase in spam comments, but it may not be as bad as you think – most of the comment spam I get here is for commercial sites, not blogs, so there is no latest post to find…

  20. Jim - 406NotAcceptable

    Commentluv is a great plug-in, and when combined with NoFollow and some good anti-spam measures it can really help increase the number of comments you get on your site. I am having some trouble getting it to work with the Ads-Minded theme, but hope to get it to install soon; otherwise, I might just move to K2 just for this plug-in!

  21. Josef

    This is a very useful post about some issues I was unaware of. No doubt most people have no idea the link could be going to feedburner.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author


      Yes, most people don’t think to check the link itself, they just see the link anchor text and where it takes them. I’m in the habit of always checking the link…

  22. mike | download online movies


    Thanks much for the info on comment luv, and maximizing it too. I think it can help with readership…but what was very insightful was how feed burner can diminish the value.

    Deb had some good points to about being able to find more sites with comment luv.

    Thanks all-Hope you decide to go with it one day..

  23. mike

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the information on comment luv. It’s nice to have something that sort of rewards the comments…Also thanks for the heads up on losing love with Feed burner.

    I think I’m going to add the plug in to my blog, when do you think the timing is going to be right for you?

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Mike,

      Yes I going to add it sometime soon… As you can see, I’m two weeks behind just responding to comments at the moment!

      On the plus side, I’m about to release a new WordPress plugin called KeywordLuv, which helps give you better anchor text for the normal link. In combination with CommentLuv, commentators will be well rewarded.

  24. Cindy Lietz, The Polymer Clay Gal

    Thank you so much for your taking the time to post this information Stephen. Judging by the number of comments, it looks like you hit on a popular topic.

    I have a question for you or for anyone else that could offer feedback. My WordPress blog was set up using the SemiologicPro theme which comes with a bundle of tried and tested plugin’s… but Commentluv is not one of them. I’m wondering if it would “play nice” in Semiologic blog setup?

  25. Tim E.

    Hey, great article. I have do follow and comment luv enabled, and I think as far as reading comments go comment luv is helpful for the reader to give a little more information on the commentor.
    As far as search engines giving comment links less importance over time, I can’t see why that would happen. Google in particular is rumoured to trust blog and comment links a little more than some, since most blogs have one of the best spam filters out there: a human caretaker. They know that we are in general reading every comment and throwing away the crap for Google so they have a front line of defense. How could that not just be more valuable to them over time as the internet gets larger and there is more spam every day for them to sort through?

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Tim, I checked out your site and left a comment!

      You make some good points about why Google should trust comment links, and I was preparing some counter arguments, but while I was on your site, I saw a link to Grizzly Brears, so I’ll just quote him:

      If anything it probably means that comment links will or are now being ignored by Google although I have no proof. It makes sense for them to follow this path though. What possible reason could allowing comment links help Google in ranking sites? Almost none that I can see. They know that all these links were not created by the PR owner and that the owner is passing on PR indiscriminately. Why should they accept the link as valid?

      That’s from Grizzly’s The Death Of Do-Follow.

      However, although I go along with Grizzly, I think it still worth pursuing DoFollow comments for the moment. As I said in another comment above, I’m about to release a new WordPress plugin called KeywordLuv, which helps give you better anchor text for the normal link. I wouldn’t be doing that if I thought comment links were totally worthless!

      1. Tim from Red Deer

        Grizz probably is right in the long run. Looking at the history of the internet shows us that change is the name of the game and we will all have to adapt to keep from being buried. For now it seems to work.
        That must’ve been hard with no internet. It’s happened to me for a few days at a shot and I start itching to get things done, so more than a week would be a killer! Of course, my connection might work great one minute and then crap out for a couple hours. And they always say the problem is on my end. It sure is, in this crappy modem and satellite dish they sold me!

        1. Stephen Cronin @ Stinking Hot WordPress Plugins

          Grizzly normally seems to be right… But here’s to hoping he’s wrong on this occasion!

          Even a few days without the Internet kills me! Two weeks… On one hand, it was hell, on the other hand, I had some time to relax (when I could stop thinking about my blog!). It was probably good for me.

          Next time you leave a comment, use Tim @ Red Deer for the Name. That way, Tim will still appear, but it won’t be in the anchor text. You probably want to rank well for Red Deer, not Tim From Red Deer. Probably only a small difference to Google, but maybe worth it… You can see how it works by looking at my name on this comment.

  26. Sire

    It seems that after several weeks since it’s installation it isn’t generating as many comments as I had hoped. Lots of vies, no comments. Oh well, cest la vie (don’t know about the spelling of that phrase, it’s a long time since my French lessons 😉 )

  27. K-IntheHouse

    hey Stephen.. wow. You have got a great feedback on this post. I think I found a feed scraper for you.. your copyright plugin gave it away when I checked the trackback i received.

    Edit: I removed the link so they don’t get any link juice…

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi K,

      This post has done really well, but I haven’t been able to keep up with answering the comments. 🙁

      Thanks for telling me about the scraper. I saw them too because I got a trackback from them too (10 of them actually, one for each item in my feed). I guess I got the trackbacks because of the link at the top of the post – another good reason for FeedEntryHeader.

      Anyway thanks for letting me know. I clicked that spam button again and again for them…

  28. CindyLietz@PolymerClayTutorials

    I posted earlier on this thread and asked if anyone experienced any issues with using the CommentLuv plugin in the SemiologicPro WordPress theme.

    Since then I added it to my SemPro blog and it does “play nice” – no conflicts with any of the other plugins. Just thought I’d let you know.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Cindy,

      I’ve been tied up offline for a couple of weeks and am in catchup mode. I was just about to respond to your original comment and say sorry I don’t know about how it works with the Semilogic theme, when this comment came in!

      Thank you very much for the feedback – it may be useful for others out there.

      I’ve seen it on your site now – if only I knew enough about bead making to leave a useful comment! 🙂

  29. Jonathan Boettcher

    Thanks for the great tips on CommentLuv – I’ll be installing that right away. Also, I got my Feedburner links straightened out now so I’ll actually be getting something out of those posts! Cheers

    Jonathan Boettcher’s last blog post..189 High Quality Backlinks in 30 Minutes! And Growing!

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks. I hope this helps you out… CommentLuv is a great plugin, I whole heartedly recommend it.

  30. NaijaEcash Nigerian Entrepreneur

    Thanks for this great insight. I never knew I had been laboring for Feedburner all this while. I sure have learnt a tip. Cheers.

  31. Edward de Leau

    That’s a pretty good tip of turning off the feedburner plugin. The bad thing is that then have 150 subscribers (for the stats) in feedburner and the other (hopefully millions hahaha) in another url. But ah… what the heck… time will heal all wounds.

    I turned it off.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Edward,

      Actually, you don’t need to disable FeedBurner, just change a setting (through so that FeedBurner doesn’t take over the links.

      Sorry if the post was confusing

  32. peter@Peter Answers

    I see you are using KeywordLuv instead of CommentLuv – I assume you now prefer the former? Should we be looking at that plugin instead of CommentLuv?

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Peter,

      I’ve temporarily disabled CommentLuv because of a problem which happens for some people (including me) in version .999. This has now been fixed and I will be updated sometime soon.

      This blog will have both KeywordLuv and CommentLuv active in the near future.

      1. Brian@a spicy food blog

        @Stephen were you able to resolve the CommentLuv and KeywordLuv conflict?

        Vers .999 – does that refer to KeywordLuv? I see it’s up to ver 1.03 so I’m confused. 🙂

        1. Stephen Cronin Post author

          Hi Brian,

          Actually, there is no conflict between CommentLuv and KeywordLuv.

          This post is about getting the most out of CommentLuv. There’s no problem with it, but you may be able to do better in the search engine results.

          This post isn’t actually about KeywordLuv at all.

          0.999 was the current version of CommentLuv when this post was written. There was a problem with that version, as I wrote in a different post.

          That’s not a problem in the latest version, which does many cool things. I suggest you get it.

          I hope that makes things a little clearer.

  33. Epic Alex

    This is a really interesting read, and the feedburner point is definitely something worth considering, thanks

  34. Work At Home Jobs - Bruce

    I never thought about the part of getting two links back because of this plugin. Now I have even more motivation to comment on blogs with this.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Ralph,

      You should check out the CommentLuv site. The author of the plugin is working on a solution that may work for Blogger as well…

  35. Mike@Niche Store Writer

    I made the mistake of having the Feedburner plugin activated when I figure out how to do this. I only made the mistake once though? Thanks for the great information.

  36. Discount Plantation Shutters

    Dude yet another thing you have written which I never knew. I have always seen that my comments went to the URL correctly, but had no idea some peoples were going straight to their feedburner url. Thats hilarious.

  37. getitornot

    Thanks very much for the information. I am in the process of setting up a wordpress blog and this will come in useful!

  38. Mic@Niche Store Writer Review

    Great information Stephen. I’m also going to be installing KeywordLuv seeing as they already work well together. Thanks!

  39. Brian@Hot Sauce Daily

    Thanks for the great feedburner tip. I’ve turned off my Item Link Clicks setting.
    Stephen, you may want to point out that the setting is only in the FeedburnerPro section. I had trouble finding it at first.

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Brian,

      Stephen, you may want to point out that the setting is only in the FeedburnerPro section.

      Good point, thanks for pointing this out.

  40. Elpie@Mambo Tutorials

    Thanks for the information about both commentluv and the feedburner issue. I can feel very righteous now, having contributed nicely to Feedburners SERP’s (not that it needs it!).

    Your site is the first one I have seen KeywordLuv enabled on, which looks like a great way to reward commenters.

    Thanks too to Pete White – I didn’t know about the Drupal commentluv so have something else to check out now!

  41. Annabelle@Trilastin

    I just checked my Feedburner account and the checkbox was disabled by default. That was reassuring.

    I notice this post has 105 (106 now) comments. The plugins you have generously enabled must make your comments a target for spammers. How have you weighed the pros and cons?



  42. J@Blogging Guides

    This really is an awesome plugin. Yeah, I am worried about spammers. However, Akismet and captchas should do the trick, right? Thanks for the article.

  43. Stephen Cronin Post author

    Hi All,

    A couple of people have mentioned that they are worried about spammers. There is no doubt about it, there will be an increase in spam, but there will also be an increase in people who leave genuine comments – and that’s what it’s all about.

    You need to have adequate anti-spam plugins such as Askiment, Simple Trackback Validation and a captcha (I use Math Comment Spam Protection), but even then, you will get borderline spammers.

    I’ve found that the problem is getting worse now that this blog has a PageRank of 5. That’s why I’ve decided to get tough on people. I recently warned borderline spammers that I’ll remove the link if they don’t follow my comment policy. I’ll probably add some functionality to KeywordLuv in future to make this easier…

    But at this stage, the increase in spam is worth the increase in traffic and genuine comments.

  44. Rhys@Monetize Your Web Site

    Hi Stephen!

    Excellent value here in this post and in the comments.

    Can you confirm that from WordPress 2.5 on that NoFollow is switched off by activating CommentLuv? Seems to be so on my blogs, and I saw a new install yesterday and the links show as dofollow.

    1. TheDonSansone@Home Work Blogging

      Extending this question from the standard wordpress – I’m using the Worpress Mu system and have not managed to get the CommentLuv working correctly yet.. also having to manually remove the nofollow tag pieces from the app code. Do you know of anyone who has successfully implemented CommentLuv without hickup with the Mu versions ?

  45. George@Raleigh Web Design

    Its definitely a good idea to get rid of the FeedBurner tracking for SEO purposes in general, but it won’t really help in this case, here’s why:

    Search Engine’s only count the first link from Page A -> Page B, so if your name is already linked to your site, the commentluv link won’t matter.

  46. Michelle@Obama Lies

    So when going the commentluv, dofollow route, do you suggest adding captcha in addition to prevent spam? I can see wanting to give some link love to those that need it, but I want them to work for it.

    1. K-IntheHouse@Firefox 2 & Firefox 3 together

      Michelle, hope you don’t mind me replying your question. I use this excellent WordPress plugin WP-SpamFree with great success after enabling CommentLuv as well as KeywordLuv. This plugin is intelligent enough to tell from bots to humans without requiring captcha. Hope this helps.

  47. Markus

    I haven’t used Commentluv in my blogs.. I think that I will place it to my main blog as a test. Will see if it improves my SERPs. Thanks for this guide.

  48. FatFighter@Where can I watch video news

    Thanks so much for the very thorough post – it is very helpful, as are all your replies to people’s questions.

  49. Archie Pennies@SEO Tips

    I really didn’t notice there was something wrong when I participated in blogs with Comment luv but thanks for the pointers did the changes and are working fine just installed Comment luv in my blog by the way. And again thanks for the advice.

  50. Sam

    CommentLuv somehow does not manage to retrieve my last post.

    I wonder what the problem might be? Maybe because my feed is redirected to feedburner?

    1. Vladimir Lenin@Blue Book Online Shop

      Sam, you are absolutely right. If you read description of the plugin with attention you might notice that they recommend to disable all feed redirection (like FeedBurner).

      1. Aaron@HR Software

        It is ok to have it enabled as long as you change the preferences on FeedBurner’s side to not use their redirect url’s.

  51. Fedor Abakumov@Watch Replicas and Watch Jewelry

    Stephen ,thank you for deep explanation. CommentLuv is really usefull plugin.

  52. benwaynet@xbox

    Thank you for this quick and easy way to fix the commentluv + feedburner issue.
    I’ll have to give keywordluv a try now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  53. andy@toner cartridges

    Funny how some commentluv sites are nofollows. Kind of pointless if you ask me. however, all keywordluv sites should be followed as far as i know…otherwise why give anchor text right? 😉

  54. cyberdude@one way link building

    commentluv actually works pretty well as is as it makes the latest post and its title as the anchor text. but having keywordluv and a little bit of prior keyword research will really help boost rankings because you can pick and choose exact keywords and not just the entire title phrase. if I had to choose, it’d be keywordluv. 😉

  55. Gert Hough@1000 Free Back Links

    I am using CommentLuv on my site and I also reward my Top Commenters. Unfortunately my WordPress theme did not work with the KeywordLuv plugin when I activated it. I might try it on other blogs in the future though.

  56. john@best internet casino

    completely agree that many people dont use full advantage of such a wonderful plugin. Speaking of which…. i didnt enable it in my blog too! haha. What a shame, after reading your post, i think i should

  57. Blog Bloke

    Hi Stephen. Interesting discussion here.

    I thought your readers might like to know of a dofollow search engine:

    But please don’t use it to spam or as only a backlink builder. Give the bloggers’ their due credit by supporting them and commenting ethically.

    By the way, has anybody resolved the issue of whether or not dofollow plugins like CommentLuv can actually hurt our pagerank for links that are not relevant or of so-called “quality”.

    I’ve searched Google extensively and nobody seems to be asking the question.

    I think I will write a post to get a discussion going.



  58. John@Bowling Balls For Sale

    Hi Stephen,

    Excellent post. I think that any of the dofollow type plugins are great for both for the site owner and the commentator. CommentLuv is definitely one of the better dofollow plugins. One aspect of dofollow that many site owners do not think of is that each time a comment is created on your blog a ping goes out to Google informaing that there has been a change on the page. If the comment is greater than 350 characters, not including spaces, the page is recached in Google’s index. The more often Google visits the better it is for the site owner. So, well written comments can have positive results for the site owner as well as the commentator.

    Even comments that anchor the keyword or keywords of the post have positive affect for the site owner. Each time a comment is created anchoriung the posts target keyword, it creates another “natural” instance of the target keyword on the post, increasing keyword density.

    So, plugins like CommentLuv have positive affects for everybody.

    John Tasher

  59. Jon@Beauty Salon Marketing

    Thanks for the information, that’s really useful.

    I’ve been looking at ways to improve my comments, and CommentLuv and KeywordLuv look good. But I was wondering if you (or any of your readers) have tested them with WordPress 2.6 yet?

    Cheers, Jon

  60. Justin @ Practical Parenting Advice

    LOL not to worry I am taking full advantage of that. Thank you BTW for that great plugin.

    I would also like to know if your logins are compatible with WP 2.6 yet. Thanks.

  61. Doug C.

    I have the correct feed links in the head of my site code, but for some reason the CommentLuv isn’t reading the feed from my blog. Any ideas?

  62. Phil@Girl on the Moon Belt Buckles

    The commentluv and keyword luv plugins are the greatest. I think they are instrumental in creating good habits on the web. They promote social activity. One problem similiar to the feedburner problem you mention is that commentluv doesn’t pick up drupal blog posts unless you get the url fixed. If you give your blog url the rss feed is not in the same place as it is on a wordpress blog. You can make it work though you just have to find the url to the rss feed and test it at the commentluv site.

    Serves me right for using drupal but I love drupal. Even named my cat drupal.



  63. jeff @ brett favre saga

    @Phil, does keyword luv have the same problem with drupal? I was thinking of using drupal. How do you fix the url? thanks.

  64. Karlonia@Funny Money Quotes

    Thanks for the heads up about this – I will need to check that FeedBurner parameter later.

    My own blog at does not yet have the CommentLuv plugin but it is DoFollow for comments.

    Meanwhile, I just discovered the KeywordLuv plugin (great idea!) earlier today, but sadly my theme seems to be incompatible. This probably doesn’t matter much, however; people seem to be doing a good enough job of putting their keywords in the name field anyway 🙂

  65. Doug C.

    I just found out something – you have to enter your blog URL in the web site field of the comments box in order for your last blog post to appear. It would probably be helpful (for idiots like me) if there were a small snippet saying, “Insert your blog URL for CommentLuv to work.”

  66. james@temperature converter

    Commentluv together with keywordluv packs a real punch. They shot my traffic to the sky, together with my adsense earnings. I’ll recommend everyone to install them both!

  67. Eric Merten@SEO BLog

    literally, im not feeling the luv. Blogs with CommentLuv are never able to parse my (feeburner) feed, although i have disabled the feedburner redirect thingie. any input plz?

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi Eric,

      You should probably go to the CommentLuv site (link in post above) and ask it’s Author (Andy Bailey). He may be able to provide advice.

  68. Max@Business-Blog

    I have the same issue as Eric Merten. My blog RSS feed (thru feedburner) was never parsed by CommentLuv. I tried few things like deleting and creating FeedBurner feed from the scratch, changing RSS 2.0 feed to atom in feedburner, but nothing seems working. Now, I just disabled feedburner plugin on my blog, and will see what happen after I’ll post comment here.

  69. Max@Business-Blog

    Ok, I reburned my RSS feed today in feedburner and this comment is to see if CommentLuv/KeywordLuv is going to work. Pals, if anybody had a problem with posts parsing by CommentLuv, please post it here… and also how you solved it. thanks.

    1. Doug C.

      @Max —

      The solution I found thanks to some helpful folks on another site is that my blog was taking too long to load. The CommentLuv plugin will only parse a blog or web page for up to thirty seconds and if it does not get the last headline within that time it will be ignored. I did a speed test for my blog and it was taking almost two minutes to render (by modem standards).

      This is the speedtest site:

      I shaved about a minute off the load time and now the CommentLuv seems to be working.

      Hope this helps.

  70. Max@Business-Blog

    @Doug C. – thank you for advise. I did check a speed of my blog loading, and it’s 15s on average… way below CommentLuv 30s limit. Could it be because feedburner adds extra time to feed load?

  71. Max@Business-Blog

    @Doug – I recently spoke with my internet marketing friend and he mentioned CommentLuv parsing depends on TIME of submission. I tried various times during a day and NONE of them worked. Quite puzzling for me at this point… Drives me to conclusion something is wrong with my feed (or feedburner :-).

  72. Doug C.

    No, I meant it was removed from the blog where I was having the CommentLuv trouble ( I don’t use WordPress. My blog is on Blogger.

  73. Lars@opskrifter, mad, lækkerier

    Nice article on the topic, I’m sure most feedburner users are non technincal, and didnt see the deep links go missing.

  74. Ian Richardson

    I’ve noticed a huge difference in the number and quality of comments after I installed CommentLuv. Especially when people see I approve comments that are of value in bot information and aren’t simply one liners that want to get links back to their site.

    I would encourage anyone who has a blog to seriously consider installing the CommentLuv plugin and at least consider removing the nofollow tag. Sure you might get a few spam comments, but you can always delete these instead of approving. Remember, comments are content for your site, fresh content, and if the person leaving the comment has written something of value then it can help when the search spiders crawl your site for fresh content.

    Regards, Ian (Make Everything EzyAs123) Richardson

  75. Peter Alrich@Forex Automoney Scam Challenge

    Thanks for this post. I never really understood PR until this post. It’s summed up nicely and makes me want to comment.

  76. Shamini

    I recently discovered that CommentLuv stopped working on my site, and I’m wondering if this has something to do with the matter you’re mentioning here, or if it has something to do with upgrading to WP 2.6.2? I’ve done what you proposed, first I turned off “Item link clicks” – and nothing happened, still no CommentLuv. Now I’ve tried changing the setting from complete item use statistics to search engine ranking, and there’s still no CommentLuv.

    What to do? I love Andy’s plugin!

    1. Shamini

      Why, it needed 24 hours to update – and now it works again! I updated to 2.6.2 as told, and then I logged into Feedburner and changed the Item link clicks setting from complete item use statistics to search engine ranking. Worked like a charm! 😀

  77. Josh@Restaurants In Tempe

    The whole revolution about blogging is that people can talk back, and contribute to the topic at hand, which in turn can create better posts.

  78. Eva White

    This is one plugin which I just love. It really helps in getting traffic if the titles of the posts are good. I like to comment on sites which have comment luv as in one go I come to know the type of blogs visiting the site by their comment luv.

  79. Jeff@Property in Australia

    Wow, I never knew this about Feedburner. I guess it always helps to double check things doesn’t it? I bet you most bloggers have no idea about this redirect.

    I think this plugin has done a lot for blog traffic. Whether it is always beneficial, I’m not sure. But I wouldn’t lie if I said I appreciate the link. It can never hurt. So thank you.

  80. Gigi@Wholesale Barber Salon Chairs

    I didn’t quite understand this post: Is feedburner a separate plugin for wordpress? I installed CommentLuv and it is working great, I get so many quality comments and visitors, not to mention all the link juice.
    Anyhow, could you please send me an email with feedburner link (if it’s a plugin). Sorry, I’m still trying to learn all the “wordpress stuff” 😉

  81. Pushkar Gaikwad

    Has anyone even seen any kind of serp improvement with such plugins ? also how much effect it has in the number of comments as well people overdoing it ?

  82. Brian@homemade greenhouse plans

    I’m planning on using CommentLuv on one of my new blogs. Thanks for explaining the benefits of CommentLuv for bloggers!

  83. kouji@haiku poems examples

    thanks for this information and the link. i’ve made the necessary changes to my feedburner account. now, i’m hoping i won’t have any more commentluv issues.

  84. pandu@Blogging For Profit

    Hi, Stephen..
    This plugin is great and works greatly in my blog. I used dofollow, commentluv and keyword luv and many people make comments on my blog. At the beginning I was scared that these plugins will made me losing PageRank, but on this latest PR update I checked that the most commented post were gaining PR rapidly. I’m surely believe that this happened by the greatness of these plugins. Thanks…

    1. dave@holliday marbella

      I can confirm that such things like comment luv do no harm to PR at all.
      A good friend of mine is a top SEO and has done lots of analysis over time, and he says its great.

  85. Peter@latterkonsulent

    I am looking into what plugins I want to add to my blogs. It seems that there are so many different once that i have to pace myself:) I get a bit excited about all the possibilities and can spend more time doing research on plugins then actually writing.

    That said, commentluv i definately among the once going up in the next group, so it is nice with the hint on ranking.

  86. Daniel@cosmetic contacts

    I just recently read about commentluv and I am searching for all the info I can get.
    I also apreciate the info about “deep links”. I knew the import of anchor text links but not this. Thanks for sharing the luv and I’ll be sure to do the same

  87. Christian@ Nerja Apartments Villas Spain

    I’m looking through recommended plugins to add to our new rental apartments in Nerja website… and think this has added advantage for sure…. Thank you so much.

  88. Meg@ Jack Daniels Belt Buckles

    Keyword love Is a great new addition to our site blog, we haven’t seen so much traffic from it but as it grow we expect many readers to use it.

  89. viet@Internet Marketing Indonesia

    Wow, I just now this plugin. Thanks for the information, I’ve downloaded the plugin and install it on my blog. It works!

  90. Video Blogging

    I would have actually thought that comment luv would end up lowering the person’s page rank who is giving it out. Since they’re linking out of their site so much. I don’t know. I need to do more research. I just have to say that it looks like your page rank is just fine so who knows.

    LINK REMOVED: because of failure to use KeywordLuv syntax (name@keywords)

    1. Stephen Cronin Post author

      Hi VB (better read the comment rules!),

      From a pure SEO perspective, you’d think it would waste PR that could be spread internally through the blog. In fact my PR has gone down a little recently. But the most important measure, visitors from Google, has steadily increased…

  91. Mark@Disney Adventures Peru

    I am busy getting a site up to celebrate the holiday 40 new made friends and I have just enjoyed adventuring in Peru and was told to check out WordPress and Keyword Luv ! This whole thing is so new to me and I didn’t even realise such things were possible…

  92. Justin@travel blog

    I think CommentLuv is a great tool. It really benefits your readers and encourages people to leave feedback.

    As far as hurting pagerank, I really don’t think it should be much of an issue. It won’t affect your pagerank on your homepage anyway.

    Now if I could just get the plugin to show up on my blog (having some issues).

  93. hidayah@Usa People Search

    hello thanks for the share ,i have wordpress that use comment luv but am still focusing on my blog while am waiting for blogger also can gain this valuable tool.Since am read your post i dont have problem with my link.hopefully it will stay so .cos i read also some people have this kind of problem.thanks


    I had never tought about losing the benefit of comment luv to feedburner before. I went back and checked some old comments and sure enough I was sending everyone to feedburner. thanks for the heads up

  95. Rene@Kitchener Wedding Photographer

    Interesting article, I installed both of these plugins and once I figure out what is going on they may be helpful.

    Thanks for the info on feedburner

  96. Dr. Ron@Zrii amalaki

    Hi Stephen-
    One way I use to find Commentluv blogs is to search Google and put it..
    ‘keyword’ + “enable commentluv which will” that will show all blogs that have commentluv enabled. My question is: Is there a way to also find do follow blogs as well?

  97. Mike from hampers

    I think CommentLuv is a great plugin and as more people learn about the benefits of using it, it will be used more often. I think there’s a lot of people out there that still aren’t familiar with it.

  98. Tina@Atlanta Real Estate

    I’m seeing more and more blogs that use commentluv, actually most of the blogs that I participate in use it along with keywordluv. Both are great.

  99. home improvement blog

    I’m a big fan of comment love and I’m trying to get it set up on my home improvement themed wordpress blog. I’m not sure if it will mean I just get lots of irrelevant comments posted though. I guess its hard to strike a balence between getting returning visitors and managing spam.

  100. Damian@Lightning Bug viral advertising

    I’d like to use CommentLuv on WordPress but it only works on rather than blogs though doesn’t it?

  101. Deanna@Women's Travel

    Thanks for this post! I recently discovered CommentLuv, and have it set up on the Adventurous Wench blog. But I had no idea that I could be losing benefits with this redirect. I’ll be checking my Feedburner setup right away. Thanks!

  102. Henry@SEO Copywriting

    Thanks for the help. Strangely enough, you’ve got Keywordluv going with no Commentluv. I think Commentluv is less susceptible to spam because at least people have to put some content together. I’m still seeking out the ultimate dofollow/commentluv/keywordluv list.

  103. Craig@small business startups

    I have implemented comment love on two of my blogs (and made them do-follow) and I wish I’d done it sooner. I’m seeing much more activity in terms of people participating in each post. I do see an increase in spam, but Akismet takes care of most of that. One thing I make sure to do is manually approve every message.


  104. tony@Cheap web hosting.

    I notice the link for the list of comment luv sites does not work at fiddyp. Did he take page down or is it the wrong url. I like comment luv for blogs over keyword luv. I think keyword luv is great for websites and comment luv is for blogs.

  105. Dietmar@Webdesign

    Well, after reading your great article, I decided to disable the rel=”nofollow” on my website too, because I think, that leaving valuable content such as comments on a blog is essential for the idea of a web blog. Allthough I am aware of the fact that keyword spamming is always a hot topic in the area of the so called “black hat seo”, I do not agree, that everyone else should suffer from the same restrictions as those keyword spammers.


  106. BlackBerry Storm

    This is an intersting idea, but I’m concerned about the negative effect of suddenly allowing comment links to be followed – isn’t this likely to result in a drop in SERPS. Anybody have any experience with this, i.e. has commentLuv had a negeative effect on a blog?

    LINK REMOVED: because of failure to use KeywordLuv syntax (name@keywords)

    1. Oliver@Free PS3

      Andung… there are quite a lot of ways to find commentluv blogs in google… one of the methods is to search things like this:


      You can also search for the images in google images to find good blog for commenting 🙂 But remember not to spam!

      Thanks for this post, and thanks even more for using KeywordLuv, it’s one of my favourite addons 🙂


  107. jeff@High yield savings account.

    Great tip. I never realized you would give pr to feedburner instead so making comments with feedburner rss turned on gives them the pr. I have to make sure i did not help feed burner instead of my own site.

  108. Andrea Hill@Digital Likeness

    You raise a good point about the feedburner thing. I’d noticed that before, but not really considered the implications. I’d actually put “nofollow” on the links from the comment authors name in an effort to increase the prominence of the deep-link, but you’re exactly right: it was going to feedburner instead! Will have to do something about that..

  109. donkey15@free holdem

    I don’t see the need for dofollow on comment links. Sure, you might get some good comments and therefore some good free content, but if readers really want to comment they will do so regardless of the lack of link benefits.

    1. Jeff@Home Remodeling

      There are people who search for do-follow blogs, to comment on them. So I think people who are looking to get more comments should definatly have a no follow blog. Thats just my 2 cents.

  110. Jeff@Silver Oak Bonus Codes

    this KeywordLuv thing is better, still you got to moderate it or it will become crazy full of “P#n1s Vi6gr6 Pr0n” comments and that would suck.

    Feedburner I still can’t understand it, it is probably beyond my reach, well thank you for this interesting post and here I leave the shameless plug.

  111. JAB_au@WWN

    The big problem is that eventually spammers will catch on and find some way to abuse it. But then everything gets abused eventually.

  112. Allen@Online Articles

    This is a great way to unite bloggers together that share the same goals. I will be definantly checking into KeywordLuv! Good Idea! Allen!

  113. Phil@Emini Trading Room

    I’m just now learning about Word Press since I’ve been using Blogger for over a year now for various subjects in the financial world. Blogger is simple to use is the reason why but I’m finding out that Word Press is far more beneficial and a great deal more attractive to the eye. Just the amount out of COOL plug-ins is amazing.

    I was lucky enough to find your blog and will utilize it as resource as I begin to switich over to the Word Press format.



  114. Ben@natural cures for eczema

    I have a question. By utilizing these plug-ins on WP blogs do you see the level of your comments increasing and does it encourage thoughtful and relevant comments from your visitors?

  115. Ana@Dermatologista

    I’m just now learning about Word Press since I’ve been using Blogger for over a year now for various subjects in the financial world. Blogger is simple to use is the reason why but I’m finding out that Word Press is far more beneficial and a great deal more attractive to the eye. Just the amount out of COOL plug-ins is amazing.

    I was lucky enough to find your blog and will utilize it as resource as I begin to switich over to the Word Press format.

  116. Mike

    I like commentluv since I found myself seeking blogs to post on that had it just to increase my links, however that being say it also opened my eyes up to a bunch of great blogs that I may never have seen before.

    Thanks for the articles.

  117. FilmaleM@Music videos with lyrics

    Having dofollow has its advantages if you can handle the spam. Most of the dofollow blogs usually have high PR themselves. I don’t think it’s coincidence.

  118. Amy@Black mold

    That is a great tip. I did not realize that feedburner would get the link not my site. I guess you should make sure feedburner is off when your making a comment on a comment luv site.

  119. Iman@Cheap airfares

    The great thing about encouraging comments is that the comments add to your keywords and end up being found in longtail searches. In other words, the comments become free content.

    The downside of course is you do get more attempted spam, but this is a small price to pay.
    Thanks for the post.

  120. Fast ways to make cash

    I was not even aware of do-follow and comment luv a few weeks ago, but just after I realized the difference between do-follow and no-follow, I soon also realized what “comment luv” is. I must say, it’s the best way to get all your posts links (or a few links). It’s a very good plugin. I must congratulate the one who created it.

    LINK REMOVED: because of failure to use KeywordLuv syntax (name@keywords)

  121. Jason @ Fast ways to make cash

    Since I found out that this was to be one way to obtain backlinks, I tried to add valuable comments to a post. I have read on earlier: Yes. You do need some text links to be able to get a little boost in the search engines. I used to do this with do-follow blogs only to find that I never did get any backlinks. Obviously my comments would have been deleted. Comment Luv is greatest thing ever that happened to Bloggers.

  122. Amy@Gold double long etf

    I never use feedburner for my feed. I do have it listed but do not have it on site. I do not like the way you go to feedburner not site and your point makes me not want to use it.

  123. mike@seo, internet marketing,

    CommentLuv just recently sent out an email about this with Feedburner. That would stink if someone spent all of their time trying to improve rankings only to send them somewhere else.

    I have discovered quite a few good blogs through commentluv and usually add a comment, I don’t know if it has helped or not with my site.

    I also have gotten into the habit that is the site owen has it enabled I make sure and give them an advert ‘clicky’ as a thanks. Sort of some ‘sponsorluv’ just to show the appreciation.

    Thanks for the great artilce.

  124. David Dwight

    I must admit I have been researching this in depth, I have started using it to gain links but always ensure I contribute 100% to the topic. the thing I do not understand though is 50% of blogs that say they use it still have the nofollow after I make a post?

    anyone know whats going on?

  125. Como fazer um blog


    I also, encourage anyone who has a blog to seriously consider installing the CommentLuv plugin and at least consider removing the nofollow tag. Sure you might get a few spam comments, but you can always delete these instead of approving, if they didnt have too much trafic do …

    Congrats for the +200 comments

    LINK REMOVED: because of failure to use KeywordLuv syntax (name@keywords)

  126. Donald@stop foreclosure

    Comment love is a sweet idea and glad it was installed. We appreciate all of the assistance in KeywordLuv.

  127. Kram@Bird Cages

    I’m glad that you have moved toward dofollow. The way that I see blogs, having people comment on an article is a privilege. People viewing the article don’t have to comment and they take the extra time to give feedback to the author. The author benefits from the added comments in traffic and possible secondary comments. The commenter benefits from the discussion and as a bonus, they get a link back to their website. It’s really a win-win situation.

  128. irvan

    I’m newbie, What’s the difference Yahoo Backlink and Google Backlink. I see these statistics in my blog used tools from thaks

  129. steve@Texas Debt Settlement

    Keyword luv is such a nice way to combat the horrible no follow, it benefits both the commenter and the bloggers

  130. Hanna @ Afiliate Funnel Systems

    As far as I’m concern, KeywordLuv and CommentLuv are the best plungins. All bloggers should be using them!

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    For tracking clicks from Feedburner, you can go to your own webserver access logs.

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