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Google Reader Update Breaks Google Reader Print Button Script

| Created: December 5th, 2008
Greasemonkey Hacks 36 Comments
Editorial Note

Okay, Julien has released the official fix only three hours after this post! So ignore my solution below (in fact I will remove the full code) and get over to the script’s home page for the fix.

As you may know from my Google Reader Print Button hack, I’m a big fan of the Google Reader Print Button greasemonkey script. I use it quite often to print feed entries to a format I can use on my PDA (which has no connectivity).

Now, an update to Google Reader has broken the script. I reported this at the script’s home page, but rather than waiting for the fix, I went ahead and fixed it myself. I need that Print Button! Here’s my fix. Continue reading

SearchWiki Breaks Numbered Google Results – Easy Fix

| Created: November 22nd, 2008
Greasemonkey Hacks 29 Comments

On 20 November 2008, Google introduced SearchWiki, allowing users to customize their search results by re-ranking, deleting, adding and commenting on them. I’m not going to cover how SearchWiki works, nor am I going to examine whether the impact of SearchWiki is positive or negative.

I was going to moan about how SearchWiki broke the Numbered Google Results script for Greasemonkey. Instead, I just worked out how to fix it. Here’s a simple hack to the Numbered Google Results script which allows it to work with SearchWiki.

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Google Reader – Printing Full Text For All Items

| Created: October 9th, 2007
Greasemonkey Hacks 27 Comments
EDIT: There is no longer any need for this hack – simply get the latest version (2.0) of the Google Reader Print Button script.

I normally use a desktop feed reader, but I’ve recently been trying out web based feed readers. Google Reader seems to be the best, but it lacks the ability to print more than one full text item in the Expanded View. A simple hack to the Google Reader Print Button script for Greasemonkey fixes this.

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