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WordPress And Government

| Created: February 24th, 2012
WordPress and Government 3 Comments
Update (August 2013):
Sadly, the vast majority of issues outlined below are still relevant in July 2013.

Some of the issues I mention below, such as update frequency and automatic updates, have been topics of recent discussion in the WordPress community, following Matt Mullenweg’s announcement in his State of the Word 2013 talk that we’re moving toward more frequent updates.

This has provoked further discussion in the community about the impact of this on the enterprise, most notably in Chris Lema’s Developing WordPress for the Enterprise article.

Having said that, today I learnt of one state government department here, which has gone with WordPress for 3 of their sites. None are huge, but it’s encouraging to hear!

This article extends my presentation, titled “WordPress and Government – the Australian Perspective”, originally given at WordCamp Gold Coast on Sunday 6 November, 2011.

You can view the video of my talk and download the slides on my WordCamp Gold Coast 2011 – WordPress in Government post. I won’t include the video here because things have moved on in the time since I gave the talk.
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Sharepoint As A CMS – Microsoft Tech.Ed Australia 2009

| Created: October 21st, 2009
Content Management Systems 5 Comments

It’s been over a month since I published my notes on the Thursday session of Microsoft Tech.Ed Australia 2009. In that post, I promised to write up the SharePoint discussion session separately. Finally, here it is.

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