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Stephen Cronin has worked in the software industry in Australia, UK and USA for 13 years. He has held senior positions including General Manager, Business Manager, International Product Manager and has also worked as web developer, project manager, trainer and support technician.

How To Delete All Terms In A Taxonomy

Here’s how to delete all the terms in a taxonomy, whether it be category, tags or a custom taxonomy. Most sites will never need to do this – and there are probably better ways to do this – but here’s the code anyway.
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Actionable Analytics (WordCamp Melbourne)

| Created: April 25th, 2013
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This page contains resources relating to my “Actionable Analytics” talk at WordCamp Melbourne on 27 April 2013.



Alternatively, you can download the slides in either of the following formats:


If you have any questions about the talk, feel free to ask. I’m pretty busy, so apologies in advance for any delay in responding, but I will try to answer genuine questions.

I’m probably most responsive on Twitter, but feel free to leave a comment here as well.

jQuery To Select Duplicate Posts In WordPress Admin

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I have to wade through masses of user submitted posts and it’s always a pain to try to spot duplicate submissions. I therefore came up with the following jQuery code that identifies duplicates (based on title) and selects all but the first, so I can then delete them. Continue reading

Stop Category Pages From Showing No Results Message

WordPress Development 2 Comments

If you have a category page which has no posts, it will normally trigger your theme’s no posts found message. Seems sensible! However, I have an edge case where I don’t want that message displayed.
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How To Prevent Category Widget From Using Category Description As Title Attribute

The Categories widget in WordPress uses the category description as the title attribute for the list items displayed by the widget. While this may be great for very short descriptions, it doesn’t make sense when longer descriptions are in use.
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How To Create A Silo Structure In WordPress

| Created: October 26th, 2012
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Image showing silos and the title "How to create a silo structure in WordPress" Siloing is an SEO technique that creates strong keyword related themes on your site, improving the relevancy of your site in the eyes of the search engines. In this article, I cover the basics of the silo model and then show you how to implement siloing in WordPress.
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Siloing Your Site For SEO Success – Links

| Created: July 11th, 2012
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Links relating to my “Siloing Your Site For SEO Success” talk at WordCamp Sydney on 22 July 2012.
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JavaScript To Convert Bytes To MB, KB, Etc

I’m currently writing a converter for the HAR file format, which is used by Firebug, Chrome Developer Tools, JMeter, etc to record information about a page loading. The HAR format stores the size of downloaded components in bytes. I wanted to convert this into KB, MB, etc, for display.
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WordPress And Government

| Created: February 24th, 2012
WordPress and Government 3 Comments
Update (August 2013):
Sadly, the vast majority of issues outlined below are still relevant in July 2013.

Some of the issues I mention below, such as update frequency and automatic updates, have been topics of recent discussion in the WordPress community, following Matt Mullenweg’s announcement in his State of the Word 2013 talk that we’re moving toward more frequent updates.

This has provoked further discussion in the community about the impact of this on the enterprise, most notably in Chris Lema’s Developing WordPress for the Enterprise article.

Having said that, today I learnt of one state government department here, which has gone with WordPress for 3 of their sites. None are huge, but it’s encouraging to hear!

This article extends my presentation, titled “WordPress and Government – the Australian Perspective”, originally given at WordCamp Gold Coast on Sunday 6 November, 2011.

You can view the video of my talk and download the slides on my WordCamp Gold Coast 2011 – WordPress in Government post. I won’t include the video here because things have moved on in the time since I gave the talk.
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WordCamp Gold Coast 2011 – WordPress in Government

| Created: February 15th, 2012
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I gave a talk titled “WordPress and Government – the Australian Perspective” at WordCamp GoldCoast on Sunday 6 November, 2011.

Here is the video of my talk, via WordCamp TV.

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