Restart Apache Via Command Prompt In XAMPP Windows With No UAC Prompt

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This post is the result of about 3 or 4 hours of Googling! There are so many false trails out there that I almost gave up, but I managed to work out how to do this most impossible of things:

Restart Apache from the command prompt (Git Bash, CMD.EXE, batch file) on Windows 10, without receiving the "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device" prompt:

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Creating A JavaScript Array Dynamically Via PHP

| Created: March 20th, 2008
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Update – 1 August 2013:
There are lots of suggestions in the comments that are better than my original solution. Also, with 5 years of hindsight, I’d approach it differently anyway! The way I’d do this now would be as follows:

<script type="text/javascript">
	var lcValues = <?php echo json_encode($myPHPArray); ?>;

So much simpler! PHP4 has almost disappeared so there’s no reason not to use json_encode. I’d recommend that you stop reading now and just go with that.

If you use PHP to create web pages, there may be times when you need to create a JavaScript array dynamically from a PHP array. This is not hard to do, but there is a trap you need to be careful of: dealing with arrays containing only a single element. Continue reading

NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta for PHP Developers

| Created: August 18th, 2008
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In one of my older posts, on PHP Performance Profiling with APD, there‚Äôs a discussion in the comments about which IDE is best to use with PHP. Terence Chang recommends Zend Studio and mentions Eclipse. Dreamweaver’s also discussed and I state that I just use a text editor (with syntax highlighting).

Against that backdrop, I read with interest that the NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta has just been released and that it now caters to PHP developers (article by Lloyd Dunn). Continue reading